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Jul 27

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I’m CM author of the Ultimate Success Formula and welcome to episode 4 of Your Unlimited Life, the show dedicated to teaching you how to develop the unstoppable mindset and learn the infallible strategies that will get you the success, wealth, freedom and happiness that you desire in life!

Now that you know my story and background and know that I’m no rocket scientist, you also know that whatever I have done you can do to, so let me dive right in to our program today and show you the laws that I was breaking (which, by the way you probably might be too) that were keeping me from the success I so badly wanted.

The first concept I want you to recognize is that we live in an orderly universe that is totally controlled by specific laws. When you know these laws, you can apply them to get the results you want in any area of life, whatsoever.I’m not talking about governmental or societal law, but something much deeper, derived from the origins of humanity. Whatever your religious or spiritual belief, the core of what we’re talking about is relevant to all faiths and cultures.

There are three main laws that guide my life and they date all the way back to Hermetic Law, which is the oldest wisdom philosophy on record, pre-dating the earliest Biblical times. Let’s break them down in terms that apply to the reality of our universe today, as proven scientifically through quantum physics, because a basic understanding and consistent application of these principles give you a tremendous amount of power to shape your world.

The Principle of Mind 

The first one is the Principle of Mind. This principle states that the All is Mind and the Universe is Mental, which means everything in the universe is made from consciousness. Now before your eyes glaze over, I promise we won’t get too esoteric. It just means that everything is made from energy that is intelligent. This Intelligent Energy is coded with information that makes it appear and behave a certain way in the physical world. Modern science today has proven:

  • Everything in the universe is comprised of energy and this energy is infinitely intelligent.
  • This energy is equally present at every point in space, at every moment in time.
  • This Intelligent Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it simply is and is forever in motion, expanding and creating.

The universe is made up of intelligent, thinking energy that has manifested as physical reality. Even our physical bodies are made from this one substance, which is Intelligent Energy. In essence, we are all individual expressions of God (Higher Power, Divine, Source, Infinite Mind, whatever you choose to call it) and create using the same process and power through our own minds, by our own thoughts.

I have often been criticized for talking so much about God in business and how He is the key to all success. This is really not a religious concept because as the creating power in the universe, Infinite Intelligence is present in all of its creation as potential power. It shows itself when we give it expression through our thoughts and actions. It is this power that produces all results and you cannot separate yourself from it no matter how hard you try!

Think of it this way, we always have electricity flowing through our homes but we don’t see it until we connect a device to it and turn it on. It could be a TV, refrigerator or air conditioner that when turned on, displays the power of the electricity that is giving it life. Without electricity the device could do nothing, right? It’s the same with us!

Since we are extensions of Infinite Intelligence, we function according to the same laws that it uses to create. In fact, we are actually using the power of Infinite Intelligence flowing through our own minds to create everything we produce in our lives. We do this through our consistent thoughts, beliefs and imaging power. The problem is that the power is always working (turned on) so when we don’t direct our thoughts to constructive ends on purpose, we are unconsciously directing that power to destructive ends by not directing it on purpose, by thinking about everything we fear, are worried about or wish won’t happen, which is why so many people are frustrated and produce such poor results. We imagine things we don’t want to happen and by doing so bring those to pass according to the degree of our fear.

It is critical to direct our thoughts on purpose and know what we believe and are thinking in the first place. We imagine what we desire and according to the clarity of our intentions and degree of our belief, we produce results. However, the strength and clarity of our beliefs are the variables that dictate the timing, from instantaneous to painfully slow, of the physical materialization of our desires.

Whatever you believe to be true is continually produced in your life. As you believe, it is done unto you! This is the Law of Belief, which is the operating system of the Principle of Mind. In his groundbreaking book, The Biology of Belief, renowned cell biologist, Bruce H. Lipton, PhD, demonstrates how the new science of Epigenetics is revolutionizing our understanding of the link between mind and matter, demonstrating that our thoughts and beliefs actually alter our DNA. What’s great is that positive thoughts and beliefs are at least 10 times more powerful than negative ones, so you can transform your life much faster than you may realize, once you are consistent.The more you align with Infinite Intelligence, the stronger your belief and faith and the quicker you produce results.

The Principle of Correspondence 

This principle states that there is always a corresponding relationship between the mental and physical planes of existence. I’ve taught my children for the past 15 years, “As within so without, as without so within.” This means that Infinite Intelligence within you is always expressing its creative power. You and I give that power direction by our thoughts, assumptions and beliefs. Your outer world always reflects what’s in your inner world (your inner states). Your inner world always produces what it contains in your physical world as results and conditions.

You can easily tell by the results someone is producing in any area of their life, the mindset they have in that area. In other words, if a person is exhibiting the results of failure or lack whether it’s of love, or health, or happiness or any positive result in their lives, then they have a failure or lack mentality in the corresponding area. On the other hand, if a person is exhibiting the results of success and abundance in any area, then they have a mindset of success and abundance in that corresponding area. A thorough understanding of this principle is a tremendous advantage that will benefit you in all human interactions and business situations.

The Principle of Cause and Effect 

The Principle of Cause and Effect states that every cause produces an effect and every effect has its cause. All action is preceded by thought whether conscious and intentional or unconscious and automatic. Everything in the universe happens according to law. Chance, luck or coincidences are only names we give to the results produced by Universal Principles that we don’t recognize or understand.

All causes are thoughts and ideas. Our persistent thoughts, ideas and beliefs are what determine our actions and produce every physical or material result (effect) in our lives.

The things most of us strive for in this world are all effects — money, homes, cars, vacations, physical health, recognition and success. Even what we call love, sex and great relationships are all effects. They are the material expressions of thoughts, concepts and ideas. Feelings and emotions are also effects, as they are energetic sensations in our bodies caused by our persistent thoughts.

What about the Law of Attraction? 

The Law of Attraction has been very trendy lately, but it’s also been improperly taught and highly misunderstood so its been a source of frustration for many people. If only it was as easy as merely wishing for what you want!

The Law of Attraction is a fundamental law of physics and is the way material effects are produced. In actuality, it’s a part of and the operating system for the Principle of Cause and Effect.

Like attracts like — that’s it. Things that are like each other are drawn together.

The Law of Attraction is an absolute and impersonal law. It has nothing to do with your personality, your religion, being a good or bad person or anything else. It’s a changeless law of the universe, as certain as gravity. You don’t need to understand how the law of gravity works in order to keep yourself from flying off into the stratosphere and the same thing applies to the Law of Attraction.

The first time I heard of the Law of Attraction I thought it had to do with male/female relationships or how opposite poles attract (which is the Law of Magnetism, a totally different law). But, just because I didn’t understand this law didn’t mean it wasn’t working in my life. In retrospect, I realize I had attracted into my life the results that were precisely congruent with my thoughts and belief system. I had a negative attitude, which attracted negative results. As soon as I began to adjust my mindset and develop a positive attitude, my results began to improve dramatically.

Every experience, condition and circumstance that you have in your life is attracted and created by you. It’s easy to accept that when you’re producing positive results, but that’s not what people want to hear when they’re unhappy with their lives. When people aren’t happy with their results, and believe their circumstances are beyond their control, they become really good at attracting a ton of circumstances that they don’t want. It’s a dangerous cycle.

Many times when I talk about this in my seminars, participants get really pissed. Some of them will say, “But wait a minute, my circumstances, my family background, the government, the economy, my company or the situation I’m in are the reasons I am where I am.”

I have to confess that I felt this way too when I started learning this stuff and had a really hard time swallowing the fact that I had attracted the crappy circumstances in my life.

Let me be brutally honest: you no longer need to buy into the victim mentality or succumb to your own “broke” consciousness. You can decide to change it today. Realize that if you think about how unjust life is or how people are always out to get you — that line of thinking will produce injustice in your life. Things will go against you and people will continually take advantage of you.

If you think life is a struggle and you have to fight for everything you get and sacrifice to succeed, you will struggle, fight and compete in order to get your piece of the pie and make all kinds of sacrifices to succeed.

If you’re always worried about not having enough money or losing your money, that thinking will produce lack and you will always come up short.

If you think you’re unworthy, that you don’t deserve (fill in the blank), whether it’s love, wealth, health or happiness, whatever you feel unworthy of or undeserving of will elude you all of your life.

While I totally agree that none of us wants to attract these negative experiences on purpose, it doesn’t change the fact that we attract them, because at some point we’ve given them thought or emotion or even feared them. This was the tough realization I arrived at in my own life as I tested the principles and found them to be 100% true.

Make no mistake about it; it’s your beliefs and habitual thought patterns that are the power in your life and the real cause of your circumstances. Never underestimate the Law of Belief; the sum total of your beliefs is the reality you are living. It is your beliefs that set your expectations in life, which in turn create your vibration, which is what attracts like results. This is what they didn’t explain clearly in the movie, The Secret, which is a real shame because I personally know several of the teachers who were featured and they not only know this, they teach it in their programs, too.

It’s critical that you understand that you are a creator. You have the choice of what you create by choosing your thoughts. Your life is made up of the minutes in the day and what you’re thinking about during all of those minutes. If you consistently control and purposely direct what you’re thinking about, you will change your life!

During our next weeks and months together develop habit of becoming aware what you’re thinking, what beliefs are driving your thoughts, what beliefs are driving your actions… Becoming aware is 1st Power Key

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Until next week- God bless and live Your Unlimited Life!


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Tim Cromwell July 28, 2014

Excellent video Carlos!! I love your book “Ultimate Success Formula” and appreciate all the video’s. They are both informing and inspiring.
Thank you!

    Carlos August 14, 2014

    Hi Tim, I’m glad you enjoyed my book. Would love for you to share a testimony and pass this info along to your family and loved ones.
    God bless.

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