How To Read Other People’s Minds


Oct 18

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Hi I’m Carlos Marin, author of the best seller; The Ultimate Success Formula and founder of The Unlimited Success Academy. Welcome to another episode of your Unlimited Life, a show dedicated to teaching you how to achieve everything that you desire in life. Today we have a really interesting and impacting show; today I’m going to teach you how to literally know what the people around you are thinking, including even new people that you’ve just met. Would that be a valuable thing, to be able to read other people’s minds? I learned how to do this pretty much by accident; in the process of trying to understand why I thought the way I thought, once I dominated a little bit of my thinking and started teaching these principles to other people in my business, producing great results, and seeing that some people took it and did phenomenal. For other people it seemed like it went right over their head so I started trying to figure out why other people thought the way they thought; and in the process I learned this principle.

If you’ve been following our series you’ve heard me say many times that the law of life is the law of belief. This is because your reality is determined by your beliefs; your mindset is simply a series of beliefs. If you remember the teaching that we did last week on the cycle of life; your mindset/consciousness is literally a series of beliefs about various different important areas of life. Your world is created by your beliefs, beliefs are created automatically; they create all the situations, all the conditions and all the circumstances that you have in every area of your life. The life that you live today is created by and keeps being re-created automatically by your beliefs. Once you have beliefs remember that you don’t have to do anything further, it’s just going to keep driving things forward automatically by itself, with no further input from you and no further action required by you. It’s just going to keep being created automatically unless and until it is replaced by a stronger belief.

So what is a belief anyway? A belief is a sense of certainty about the validity of an idea or concept. It is only a thought or thoughts that you have thought many times, so you believe they’re true; but it’s not necessarily so. It’s just that you’ve thought about it so much that you have a sense of certainty about it. I know people that are living in miserable lives, lives of quiet desperation, in total frustration and anxiety, and even depression because they believe a lie. They have a belief that something which really isn’t true is true and so they have a miserable life. This is just because they have a sense of certainty about the validity of that thought, concept or idea. Next week we’re going to talk more about this, but I just want you to understand that for today and for this reading other people’s mind issue, that what you assume to be true creates your situation in life automatically. You’re not struggling to create your same situation; the one you’re living today. You’re not struggling to stay in that same situation, you might say wait a minute I’m struggling or I’m sacrificing, I‘m working myself to the bone to try to create a better life. Yes you’re trying to create a better life or a better situation; you’re not struggling to create the same situation, because the mindset and beliefs that you currently have is producing that one automatically. You’re struggling because you’re trying to create a better situation with the same mindset and the same beliefs that created your current situation. The better situation and the greater success and the more stuff that you want requires an upgraded, better mindset; with better beliefs; therefore that is the reason why you have that whole struggle going on.

Most of us are not conscious of what we’re thinking about continually on a day to day basis or month to month, not even on an hourly basis. Most people are just not conscious of what they’re thinking, but that is what’s creating our results. So how can we know what we’re thinking and also read the mind of other people? We always want to know what other people think, because we believe if we can read their minds and know what they’re thinking we can sell more to them, we can influence them more, and we can have better relationships with our spouses. If you knew what they were thinking you could have better relationships with your kids, better relationships with your friends and your business associates; you could make more money and be more successful. So how do we know what other people are thinking, and by the way we first apply this to ourselves because if we know what we’re thinking we can be more successful.

There is a principle that few people know about called the law of correspondence. This is an old hermetic law, a principle that predates Hinduism, Judaism and all the modern religions; hermetic law is the predecessor of them all. It is the oldest wisdom literature on record and the law of correspondence states “as within, so without”; it also states “as without, it is within”. You’ve been following me so you probably are already buying into that, so you probably are already starting to say “yes with my beliefs I can produce my world so if I change my beliefs I can change my world”. It is important to know the second part of this too because this too because this gives you a tremendous amount of power; “as without it is within”. What that means is that our results/effects are the perfect correspondence of what I believe in my own mind; the system of beliefs that I have in my consciousness. This never fails, it is law; it is absolute universal law and it never fails. The beauty of this law is that by the results that someone is producing, you know what they are thinking in that area; it never fails.

I learned this principle the hard way, and you probably know little bit about my story; leaving Cuba and we lost everything, all the family wealth that my grandfather had created. We came to the United States, we went to Spain first with one suitcase and a thousand dollar bill that my grandfather had smuggled into his shoe and then 1 ½ years later we came to the U.S. and they struggled and worked hard. My parents said you can work hard and you can struggle and sacrifice to become rich and they can take it all away in one night; you can lose it overnight. They taught me love is more important than money; don’t put all your faith in wealth and riches because you can lose it overnight. That became a part of my mindset, aside from the fact that I did live in Cuba; I might have been four leaving Cuba and almost six when we came from Spain, I might have not understood what was going on but I felt what was going on. All of that fear of lost and of lack was something that was buried deep inside me and you may think this is silly because I was just a kid; but beliefs produce results always.

My fear of lost lead to my loss of millions of dollars after I had already made tens of millions of dollars and help a lot of people become millionaires and generated millions of dollars in sales revenues. I lost millions of dollars and my frustration was how can I after having helped so many people achieve so much, lose my wealth; this is insane. At this point in my life my study of success had already lead me to create a belief system that says you might take away my financial goods and my physical goods and so on, but what you can’t take away from me is my mindset. You can’t take my brilliant mind, you can’t take my genius and you can’t take the power of god within me that’s my power to create; so I could lose it but I will recreate it again. My frustration and what did eat away at me for a little while was how on earth this could happen to me; mind you, I immediately got back on the horse and immediately started making money and made millions again. The blessing was that questioning was what lead to my discovery; this is what lead me to deeper study of universal law, this is what lead me to the formula of creating the ultimate success formula. This is the most complete formula in the world ever devised; I didn’t devise it, it’s just the study of universal principle studying how all successful super achievers succeed; everyone is using it consciously or unconsciously. This loss was the blessing that lead me to go from a shallow little four step formula that I had learned before, to expanding this to an eight step with two additional steps; really a ten step prescription for getting anything that you want. This law that I’m going to talk to you about has allowed me to produce fantastic results that way more than exceed anything that I lost. Aside from making millions again, this law taught me how to think and what to do in order to create a phenomenal relationship with my soul mate; my wife and my kids. This law taught me how to think and how to produce my ideal body at age 57 today; and I’m in better shape than I was in my twenties. Emotionally I think back to how I thought ten or twenty or thirty years ago and I was a mess in mind, compared to how I am today. Discovery of this has totally transformed my life and so I want to share it with you and teach it to you.

The bottom line is by your results, your conditions, your circumstances or situations in life; including the way that you speak, you know the mindset. I know what you are thinking; I know your mindset, your thoughts and underlying beliefs based on the results that you have in your life; it never fails. Your results show what you’re thinking all the time, it is law, it never fails; sickness for example is produced by a mind that is sick. People will take that out of context; it doesn’t mean a perverse mind, but a mind that is literally sick; a mind that lives in resentment maybe, remorse, regret, anger, jealousy, hatred, judgment, condemnation or depression; any of the negative emotions. Usually it has to do with some resentment or un-forgiveness about some issue they had with another person or something they feel about themselves because that’s what they were taught from a young age; that they were not worthy, they were not deserving or they were not good enough.

It is always rooted in some form of negative, destructive emotion. Additionally, in these people there is a belief in sickness as an external thing out of your control. Mind you, in the world that we live in, we’re all taught that sickness comes from everything; it’s the virus that’s going around, it’s the bacteria that’s going around and coming into contact with people that has this and that. It has been proven that if your immune system is bullet proof and strong, you can be around all the sick people in the world and you will not get sick. People think it’s sickness that tears down immune systems, no it’s not; its stress and anxiety, its negative thoughts and emotions, its resentment, remorse and regret. So with a belief in sickness as an external thing out of your control, you’re a victim of it. Even sometimes there’s an external power out there that is making you pay a price for your errors, your sins, your faults and so on. If you talk to people that are sick; if you actually interview and ask questions, you will find that is what’s going on in the mind. By the same token if you look at people that are suffering from poverty, extreme lack and loss, this is a mindset of beliefs that support these results; in other words fear of loss, fear of lack and a fear of living in poverty; a belief that others want to take away what’s yours and that financial matters are outside of your control. It is a belief that you’re a victim of external forces that are looking to extract a price for you past; again your errors, your sins, your mistakes and your faults. It’s this unworthiness to have, an unworthiness to live a life of abundance; a life of wealth and riches. For people that are overweight it’s the same thing; I don’t want to go on and on but it always has to do with what you believe in life. Similarly, the person that is wealthy and rich is the person that believes in wealth and riches; they believe that they deserve wealth and riches. They believe they are children of god and they deserve to have the best of the best; they believe the universe is conspiring in their favor to give them everything they want. They believe they attract all wealth and all goodness, all riches into their life.

The person that is a success believes in success; they believe that if it’s going to be it’s up to me. They believe I can do anything; they believe I can create success and wealth; I can create the results that I want in my life. They are self-confident, they believe in themselves; they believe that the more value they create in other people’s lives the more they receive in their lives in success and wealth. Now here’s the interesting thing, and here’s where we get confused because somebody who is successful in business may be wealthy and yet they have an unhappy life. They may have a bad marriage or they don’t get along with their kids or they have bad relationships with people. You have to understand that you have to separate categories; you can create constructively in one area of life and destructively in another. There are people who have successful business and finances but have bad relationships. Another common one is they have poor physical health; many rich people have poor physical health. They have certain beliefs in the financial realm and in the business realm that creates success but on the other hand they don’t belie they deserve to have a good physical health or body. They believe that they have to pay a price or that they are paying a price for their mistakes and their guilt and their sins so they live in resentment and hatred and jealousy and so on.

There are people on the other hand that have good relationships or good health and physical vitality but poor financial results. There are as many variations and combinations of this as there people, but the result will always be totally congruent with the mindset that the person has in each area. With this principle you literally know how each person around you thinks in each area of their life because their results will show you exactly what they are thinking. If you stop and think about this, it gives you tremendous power and the ability to positively influence a huge number of people in your life. The important thing is to use this power for good; don’t fall into judgment or condemnation of others. Don’t be like the Pharisees and the Sadducees say “thank you god that I’m not like those peons over there”. Always use this knowledge to help the people in your life and those who cross your path to improve their lives. Use it for good; this gives you tremendous power to improve your relationships with your loved ones, with your spouse, with your children, with your friends and with your business associates. And yes it does give you tremendous power to do more business, to have more success, and to make more money; but you don’t do it by taking advantage of other people knowing this important powerful stuff. You use this to help others have a better life; remember the more you give the more you get, the more people you help succeed the more you succeed, the more value you create in this world the more money you will make. Use it for positive influence and for good and share this program with everyone that you love.


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Tim Cromwell October 20, 2014

This is so true.

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