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Jul 10

How to Release Negative Emotions


mindset-for-achieving-goalHow about when you just feel negative energy or emotion and cannot identify a belief that’s blocking you? In addition to beliefs that we can actually pinpoint in our lives, many times things happened during childhood before we could even speak or understand. This is energy stored in our bodies, in our subconscious mind, and we may not even be aware of it other than through a feeling of discomfort in certain situations.Continue reading

Jun 20

How to Free Yourself from Destructive Beliefs


In the past several articles we have been talking about how beliefs determine the reality you will live in your life. Beliefs have the power to easily make you super successful, rich and happy or they can also make you unsuccessful, broke and miserable. The Law of Life most certainly is the “Law of Belief” which is what the book “The Secret” failed at communicating effectively.Continue reading

Mar 28

What Does God Have to do with success or Business?


Have you ever wondered what God has to do with success or business? Many people have criticized me for talking so much about God in business and about being the key to all success. This is really not a religious concept because as the creating power in the Universe, God, Infinite Mind or Source Energy is present in all of its creation as potential power. It shows itself when we give it expression through our thoughts and actions. It is this power, which produces all results, and you cannot separate yourself from it no matter how hard you try!

Continue reading