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Nov 27

The Power of Gratitude


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– Transcript –

Hi, I’m Carlos Marin, author of The Ultimate Success Formula and founder of The Unlimited Success Academy. Welcome to another episode of Your Unlimited Life. The show dedicated to proving to you that you are unlimited potential and that you can be, do, and have anything and everything you want, if you’ll just develop the mindset and use the strategies of the person who has already achieved it. Today, we have a very powerful show for you. We’re going to talk about the power of gratitude. You might be sitting there thinking, “Gratitude having power?” Absolutely. You have no idea the power that gratitude has. We’ve talked about this before, but you must understand and internalize this. It is critical to everything that you want in your life. Everything in this universe is energy. Everything is energy! Energy is always in motion. It cannot be created nor destroyed. It is equally present at every moment in time as well as every point in space. It’s always in motion and it vibrates at different frequencies. These frequencies and vibrations attract alike vibrations. That’s what the law of attractions is all about. Positive frequencies attract positive frequencies. Negative frequencies attract negative frequencies. In between frequencies, attract in between frequencies. That’s why some people feel like they can’t make progress in life. They feel as if they take a few steps forward followed by a few steps back. One thing that is important to recognize is that emotions are also energy and they also vibrate at different frequencies.

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