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Mar 21

What is Absolute Power?


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Welcome to Your Unlimited Life. I’m Carlos Marin, author of The Ultimate Success Formula. We have a really interesting show for you today. In last week’s show, I asked you a very important question. “What is reality?” We discussed that there are in fact two types of reality, and the first one is the one we spoke about last week. Do you remember? It was called perceptual reality. Now, if you missed that show, please go back and see it on my website, http://carlosmarin.com, or on my YouTube channel, http://youtube.com/CarlosMarinTV. Go look at that one because it’s very important and it sets up the impacting points about this one.
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Aug 08

How to Create Automatic Results


Let’s look at the exercise we did in the article on Designing Your Life on Purpose. You should be very motivated right now because you are truly starting to design your life on purpose. With what you’ve just learned on the power of commitment, you are in a position to turn those desires into intentions and turn them into physical reality right now.Continue reading

Jul 03

How to Truly Design Your Life on Purpose!


Have you ever found yourself unmotivated and procrastinating in your work or business? I know I have and for a long time that was the story of my life. I couldn’t get myself to do the things I needed to do to succeed in my business. I like most people was getting by, doing OK but there was no zest and no excitement!Continue reading

Jun 29

How to Find Your Passionate Purpose


In my last article I told you some of my story and how I stumbled on finding my true purpose in life. While it might be romantic to tell you that I always knew what I wanted in life and I fought my way into it… that would be a lie.Continue reading

Jun 21

How Do I Know What My Purpose is?


In my last article I shared with you some of my personal background to help you start understanding how we align with or miss our purpose in life and what a fine line the difference can be. As I mentioned, since I couldn’t decide what I wanted to be and lacked a dream that required an advanced education, I didn’t go to college.Continue reading

Jun 14

Why Am I Here?


The second step of the Ultimate Success Formula is all about defining clearly what you desire in life. To create your ideal life, you must know exactly what you want.  In other words, what is your Point B? To begin, let’s start with how you define success.Continue reading

May 30

Who Do You Think You Are?


Please make sure you WATCH the Video and READ the Article as they contain DIFFERENT INFORMATION and both are extremely relevant to your getting what you want in life!

The most important question you will answer in your life is “Who am I?” In truth this is a question you must keep asking yourself throughout your life. The answer to that question will determine the quality of your life, the amount of happiness, love, success and wealth you will enjoy (or lack)! The answer to that question will automatically produce your results in life.Continue reading

May 15

The Tremendous Power of Affirmations


As you learned in the previous article, the most effective way to change your programming is to input new programs into your computer, which is your mind. Remember that these programs are stored in your subconscious mind and they were installed through repetition and usually accompanied by strong feeling or emotion whether it was positive or negative.  They are running and producing results automatically every day of our lives.

What we need to do is use the same strategy only now on purpose using the same repetition accompanied by strong feeling to install new positive programs, thereby deleting the old limiting programs and replacing them with empowering new ones that automatically take us where we desire to be in life.

Every one of us is having conversations inside our heads non-stop but most of us are not aware of it. Recall that the average person has over 60,000 thoughts per day and that over 90% of them are the same thoughts day in and day out. Since most people are repeatedly having limiting, negative or self-deprecating thoughts these are a declaration of truth or an affirmation to the subconscious mind. Since this is an unconscious process, they are not aware of what they’re thinking, when they’re thinking it, or how often they’re thinking it but it is producing the exact results they are getting in their lives at every single moment.

If we begin by using a series of powerful affirmations to remind us of who we really are and the power that we have, then decide on purpose what our self-concept or identity will be, we can transform ourselves in a very short period of time. We can go from zero to hero almost overnight. Let me share with you a series of affirmations that I began using when I was broke, in debt, frustrated and unhappy.  These affirmations helped me get to a six-figure income in less than two years and then a seven-figure income in five years.

I am a child of God.* God loves me. I am an individualization of God. God made me in his image and likeness. I am an extension of Divine Mind. God is my unlimited source and supply; therefore I am wealthy and always have a Divine Surplus. Infinite Intelligence lives in me and teaches me all things and guides me into all truth, therefore I have the wisdom of God. God is for me; God is in me now, who can be against me? I can do all things through Christ (my God-self), which is my power. Everything I do prospers because I’m an extension of God and with God all things are possible!

*If you’re not comfortable with the word “God” or “Christ” you can substitute Source Energy, Divine Mind, Spirit, Universe, Infinite Intelligence or whatever you’re comfortable with.

Charles Haanel, author of the Master Key System, which is the program Bill Gates is rumored to have read before creating Microsoft, used principle-based affirmations to help his students align their minds and create positive results. He taught that thoughts and words are creative energy, which automatically correlate with their object and manifest it because thought is spiritual energy. He said that prosperity was the result of right or creative thinking and poverty was the result of negative or destructive thinking.

Haanel gave people this affirmation and told them to say it first thing every morning and last thing before going to bed at night and as many times as possible throughout the day… “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, prosperous and happy.” I have personally used this affirmation and it’s very powerful.

He said every negative thought or word is destructive and must not be allowed to enter your mind or be expressed in words. Every thought of weakness is opposed to strength and should be put out of mind by saying “I am strong and powerful” and every thought of disease or sickness is opposed to wholeness and perfection and should be eliminated by declaring “I am whole and perfect.” He declared that to know this law and live in harmony with it was to build prosperity on a rock-hard foundation, which nothing could destroy.

I use these affirmations to remind me of who I am and the unlimited potential that I have within me. They build my faith and give me strength to continually move forward towards my dreams because they are Universal Truth.

I will share a few more of these “Power Affirmations” with you so you can begin re-programming your subconscious to attract the positive results we all desire in our lives…

  • “My good-will is a strong force field all around me. I now transmute all enemies into friends, all discord into harmony and all injustice into justice.”
  • “The walls of lack and delay now crumble away and I enter my Promised Land under grace.”
  • “I am expanding rapidly into the Divine Plan of my life where I enjoy perfect self-expression and all conditions are permanently perfect.”
  • “God is unlimited source and supply. The Divine Plan for my life unfolds now and everything that is mine by Divine right comes to me easily under grace.”
  • “The Lord (my God-Self) is my Light, my Strength, and my Salvation. Whom shall I fear?”
  • “I expect the seemingly impossible and it happens NOW. My seemingly impossible good now comes to pass.”
  • “Now is the appointed time, today is the day of my amazing good fortune.”
  • “The long arm of God reaches out over people and conditions controlling this situation, protecting my interests and delivering me my highest good.”
  • “I cast this burden of ____________ on my God-self within and I go free to enjoy the ____________ that is mine by Divine Right.”

In addition to these powerful affirmations I have also, over the last 20 years, developed an exercise to reshape my identity and that of my students in order to create an empowering self-concept. I will begin teaching you this incredible technique in my next article.

Please leave me your comments and questions below and share this post with everyone you care about. Also become a partner in my empowerment community at http://facebook.com/carlosmarinlive and promote it to everyone you love and care about. The world needs YOU and your contribution so we can help millions of people raise their consciousness and get free in 2012! God bless and live your passion…

Carlos Marin

May 09

Why Can’t We Get What We Want All the Time?


Most people live life in various stages of frustration because they don’t feel they can be, do or have what they really want. The challenge comes from not having the right answers to questions because oftentimes we don’t even know the right questions to ask. We walk around in a state of doubt and confusion not realizing the huge potential we truly have.Continue reading

Apr 30

100% Responsibility for Everything!


This above all: To thine own self be true, and it must follow as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man. – Shakespeare 

Before you can start creating the life of your dreams you’re going to have to come to the realization that you are 100% responsible for what happens in your life. As we learned in previous lessons your thoughts have produced all the results in your life. Whether you Continue reading

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