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Jan 31

Millionaire Habits 2 – Love


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Welcome to Your Unlimited Life! I’m Carlos Marin, author of The Ultimate Success Formula, founder of The Unlimited Success Academy. You probably already know that I’m a big believer that everyone has the power within themselves to be tremendously successful and wealthy (to be, to do, and to have anything that you want.) You must develop the mindset and use the strategies of the person who already is it, has it, and does it. The problem is, most of us have not been taught how to access that power.
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Feb 12

What’s Love Got to Do With It?


Blog021314Since it’s Valentine’s Day I wanted to talk to you about the power of LOVE! Now, many are looking at this holiday as the official day for lovers, or love for our family members or friends or even friendship day. While all of these are important, valid and relevant in our lives let me expand on the topic and take it to a whole new level for you. Let’s talk about the power ofContinue reading

May 30

Who Do You Think You Are?


Please make sure you WATCH the Video and READ the Article as they contain DIFFERENT INFORMATION and both are extremely relevant to your getting what you want in life!

The most important question you will answer in your life is “Who am I?” In truth this is a question you must keep asking yourself throughout your life. The answer to that question will determine the quality of your life, the amount of happiness, love, success and wealth you will enjoy (or lack)! The answer to that question will automatically produce your results in life.Continue reading

Apr 15

Who is the Gatekeeper at the Doorway of Your Mind?


As we look at the two phases of our mind it’s important to understand how information passes from one facet to the other and is recorded as “truth”. Between the conscious and the subconscious, there is something called the “critical factor.” The critical factor is the “gatekeeper” between the conscious and the subconscious mind.

The formation of our beliefs lies in the fact that this part of your mind accepts certain information and excludes others. This is one of the keys to understanding how your mind got programmed in the first place.Continue reading

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