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Jul 01

Can you make money in this economy?


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Welcome to Your Unlimited Life. I’m Carlos Marin, author of The Ultimate Success Formula, and I got something interesting to talk to you about today. The other day I was talking to a group of people and somebody said, “Hey Carlos, what do you think about the economy and the global situation today? I mean, with everything that’s going on, how can anyone get ahead with everything going on in the world and the economy today?” Look, I got to be honest with you, I know there’s problems. I don’t agree with the government spending money they don’t have, printing money, going to war, and all that kind of stuff. I’m in total disagreement with all of that. Frankly, when I look at the world today, I think we’re living in the most exciting times in history. Man has evolved to such an incredible point that it’s just amazing.
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Jun 11

How to Change Your Identity!


In my last article I asked you to really get honest with yourself and write down who you are right now, in other words your self-concept or Identity. This is who you really believe yourself to be right now based on your thoughts, beliefs and actions. Now, I want to take you through an exercise I call, The Future of Your Past Conditioning.Continue reading

Apr 04

Do You Ever Wonder What Creates Our Results in Life?


In late 1982 one of my mentors said he felt I was ready to read a very important book. It was Napoleon Hill’s classic, Think and Grow Rich. The first sentence in the book states, “Truly thoughts are things and powerful things at that when mixed with purpose, persistence and a burning desire for their translation into riches or other material objects.”

I remember when I first read that sentence; I was shocked and confused. I thought, “How could something I can’t see or touch be a thing?” I did not realize that energy, although invisible, was a physical thing, or that thought was energy injected with information that would solidify into material objects and conditions as we lived in and acted on the thought. As I continued to read the book, I began to apply its principles, even though I didn’t understand them all and seeming miracles started happening. I started realizing that thoughts were things and they eventually produce their physical equivalent.Continue reading

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