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Jul 27

Are You Breaking the Law?


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I’m CM author of the Ultimate Success Formula and welcome to episode 4 of Your Unlimited Life, the show dedicated to teaching you how to develop the unstoppable mindset and learn the infallible strategies that will get you the success, wealth, freedom and happiness that you desire in life!

Now that you know my story and background and know that I’m no rocket scientist, you also know that whatever I have done you can do to, so let me dive right in to our program today and show you the laws that I was breaking (which, by the way you probably might be too) that were keeping me from the success I so badly wanted.

The first concept I want you to recognize is that we live in an orderly universe that is totally controlled by specific laws. When you know these laws, you can apply them to get the results you want in any area of life, whatsoever.I’m not talking about governmental or societal law, but something much deeper, derived from the origins of humanity. Whatever your religious or spiritual belief, the core of what we’re talking about is relevant to all faiths and cultures.

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Apr 09

What does Being Conscious Really Mean and What Does it Have to do with Success?


Today you hear a lot of talk about raising your consciousness in order to be more successful or peaceful or happy or joyful, but what does that really mean? What is consciousness anyway? It actually means to be aware of something, to understand it and to know it.

When I first started learning about Universal Law I was unconscious. I had a victim mentality and didn’t realize I was attracting unwanted experiences. As you’ll remember from a previous article what most people don’t understand is that every thing is really two things. It is the thing you desire and the absence or lack of it. In life you get what you think about and believe is yours consistently, not what you want (which implies lack of it).  I was misusing the Law of Cause and Effect and suffering the consequences.

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Mar 26

What is the First Law You Must Understand to Control Your Success?


The first thing we should understand in our study of success are the main laws that govern how anything is created in the first place. My purpose is not to get into any religious arguments but to talk about principles, which create all physical realities and frankly are self-evident in all the wisdom literature ever written.

The first precept in Hermetic Law (the oldest wisdom philosophy on record) is, “The All (or God) is Mind; the Universe is Mental.”  It explains that Infinite Living Mind (also known as Spirit) is the source (or cause) and the substance (material) that all matter and material things in the physical universe are made of.  This substance is Intelligent Energy.

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