Who is the Gatekeeper at the Doorway of Your Mind?

By Carlos | Blog

Apr 15

As we look at the two phases of our mind it’s important to understand how information passes from one facet to the other and is recorded as “truth”. Between the conscious and the subconscious, there is something called the “critical factor.” The critical factor is the “gatekeeper” between the conscious and the subconscious mind.

The formation of our beliefs lies in the fact that this part of your mind accepts certain information and excludes others. This is one of the keys to understanding how your mind got programmed in the first place.

Most of us have a fully developed critical factor at around six years of age, but until that age we do not have a way to filter out the “truthfulness” of the information presented to us. The subconscious has recorded every feeling and sensation from the moment of conception, including everything your mother felt.

Until age six, you were basically a little learning machine, operating mainly in the alpha and theta brainwave frequencies.  This means that, prior to your critical factor being developed, whatever information arrived at the doorway of your subconscious mind went in unfiltered without questioning or rejecting what didn’t make sense.  It was all accepted as truth. That is where the formation of your belief system and mindset began.

Do you know people who had over-protective, “smother mothers”? The little kid starts crawling around and the mother says, “Be careful, you’re going to get hurt.” When he starts walking, she says, “You’re going to fall. Oh, you’re going to hit your head on that table! Be careful! Watch out!”

Think about it. Is that child going to be a confident child? I doubt it. Is that child going to be afraid to try things? Absolutely! That’s where fear of failure and trying new things begins.

As parents, we don’t realize all the stuff that we do to our kids. I have literally asked my children to forgive me for some of the dumb things I taught them, some of which I learned from my own parents. Though consciously we know better, we repeat the same patterns because of the power of our subconscious programs.

Think about this: From zero to six years old, most of our belief system was being formed. You didn’t even know how to talk during some of that time. You couldn’t really express yourself or process information in an eloquent, verbal manner.

This is very intense. You’ve got stuff in you that you can’t even verbalize because you couldn’t talk when it was programmed. You have certain beliefs that are locked in as pure feelings because you couldn’t describe them in words.

When we left Cuba, we lost everything and left with only had the clothes on our backs. As a result, I had a lot of deep-seated fears that were conditioned in my first four years of life. My parents displayed a fear of loss that had a very powerful effect on me as an impressionable child.  Later in life this fear kept me repeating strong limiting behavior patterns. Add to that, living in lack for several years after getting to the U.S. and you have a recipe for feeling not good enough and unworthy big time.

So, what’s your story? There is usually a pattern or story that keeps repeating itself over and over. You’ve got to dig up those conditioned beliefs and programs that you didn’t choose and are limiting you. All of that is what’s buried deep down in your subconscious, and you aren’t even aware of it.

By the way, this is no one’s fault. Blaming makes us feel like victims, which only robs us of our power. Our parents did the best they could.  They taught us what they knew to the best of their abilities. Remember, their parents and authority figures programmed them. So, no blame, no judgment, all we want is to get to the core of it so we can be free and create a life of blessings and riches.

Once I became aware of my early programming, I began working consciously on my beliefs in order to change my limiting programs. All of it was buried deep, beyond my conscious memory.  It’s only within the past several years that I’ve been able to dig deep enough.  Prior to that, I suppressed those early memories.

With my focus, drive and positive attitude I thought I could barrel through anything. I was wrong. I still had a lot of buried limiting fears, programs and beliefs to overcome.

What I’m teaching you in these articles and in my book are the powerful principles, strategies and techniques to figure out what beliefs and emotional blocks are buried deep so we can get rid of them and replace them with positive beliefs that will help you succeed!

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Carlos Marin


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Victor Del Carpio April 16, 2012

Entiendo el punto pero no seria mejor ejemplos, como que hacer y decir en una llamada ?

No careen que su forma de ensenar antigua en metaforas ya no sirve?

El ser humano debe encontrar la forma pero si se le ensena el camino llegariamos mas rapido


    Carlos April 18, 2012

    Victor, gracias por tus comentarios. Yo estoy de acuerdo que para enseñar técnicas especificas en algún negocio o ventas dar ejemplos puede servir para llevar a las personas a su meta final mas rápido. El tema es que aquí en esta serie de 40 semanas estamos enseñando los principios para lograr cualquier cosa que quieras lograr en cualquier área de tu vida. No hay nada nuevo debajo del sol y los principios funcionan hoy día y en el futuro también y es ese camino que estoy enseñando para que todos lleguemos mas rápido. Que Dios te bendiga siempre!

Chris April 16, 2012

Thanks for sharing this insightful article, Carlos. This overprotected child you mentioned sounds a bit like me to be honest. And yes, you are right, it doesn’t help much when at a later age you are not confident and afraid of most things, which in a way hinders all your actions that should be important to form your own future. It takes alot of “re-programming” to get away from it. And I suppose, I am still doing that in reading blog posts like yours, Carlos! Now, I am on my journey to get the most out of myself and what I really want to do and be in this life. Of course, parents can never be blamed. All they ever wanted was to be the best parents they could and I am really grateful for everything they have done. Nevertheless, I think the older you get the more difficult it becomes to shape your belief and concious. Muchos Abrasos. God bless you Carlos.

    Carlos April 18, 2012

    Chris, you are very insightful for seeing yourself in this example and understanding the repercussions it has had in your life. Awareness is the beginning of Overcoming every challenge! You have much more power than you realize and can achieve whatever you desire and its never too late. As Napoleon Hill said… with definiteness of purpose and a burning desire for its attainment plus persistence… you can achieve anything! God bless you Chris

jose alfredo April 16, 2012

No tengo palabras para agradecer que estoy llorando es este momento por pedirle perdón a mi hijo de 11 años por todo las fallas.Yo estoy en esa búsqueda constante de sacar todos los conflictos internos que crean mis creencias limitantes y se que lo voy a lograr Dios te bendiga Carlos un abrazo..

    Carlos April 18, 2012

    Jose Alfredo, me alegro mucho que te estoy sirviendo. Nuestros hijos son el futuro de este mundo. Sigue en la búsqueda con nosotros y elimináremos las creencias que nos están deteniendo a vivir nuestra vida Ideal. Un abrazo

vania April 16, 2012

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. My family and I really enjoyed this article. How do I buy your book, I’m in Brazil. Greetings

    Carlos April 18, 2012

    Vania, its my pleasure to share and empower you and millions of others. We will let everyone know through this website how they can get my book as soon as its available and will give you SPECIAL bonuses for following us through this series on my site! Blessings

AVA April 17, 2012

Carlos, yo lo ùnico que puedo decir es “LOS PERDONO Y LOS QUIERO” a mis padres, ellos fueron condicionados con los mismos miedos, con los mismo patrones que han sido impuestos por generaciones, y afortunadamente, en mi, se cortò esa forma de pasar infromaciòn a mis hijos “NUNCA LOS TUVE” ya no hay malas enseñanzas conmigo, mis genes se cortaron, no hay ni habrà malas experiencias en mis generaciones.

Fernando April 17, 2012

Carlos, es lo mas sano pedir perdon y perdonar, como dices tu nadie es culpable.
Se siente liberado uno cuando pides perdon y aprendes a perdonar,
Dios te bendice por tan noble labor y yo te sigo admirando.
Larga vida para ti, mucho exito y prosperidad.

    Carlos April 18, 2012

    Fernando, cuando aprendes a perdonar y saber que nadie es culpable (incluyendo a ti mismo) te liberas para poder vivir en amor incondicional y crear una vida sin limites! Mucho éxito y bendiciones

Carlos April 18, 2012

Ava, cuanto me alegro que has cortado esas enseñanzas llenas de miedo y expectativa negativa. Esas cosas son las que producen todo los resultados negativos que no queremos en nuestras vidas! Eres una campeona y sigue enseñando con tu buen ejemplo! Bendiciones

Dave Ortiz April 19, 2012

Carlos Gracias por tus excelente articulo,cada ves que leeo y leeo esto articulos,hay mucho mas que explorar en la mente, osea que hay en saber elegir cada informacion que entra y cual es el proceso de saber y elegir y desarrollar para los beneficio que hay en esta vida. Carlos Cuando va a salir tu libro? Yo estoy con muchas ganas de leer tu libro y poder compartir tus buenos conocimientos.Gracias Carlos por aceptarme en este viaje al Exito que ya lo estoy viviendo, muchas bendiciones amigo y mentor. Dios siempre te bendiga , vivir la Pasion al Exito!!!

ANA MARIA MONTES April 20, 2012

Carlos que gusto poder aprender de vos , me encanto !!! quiero compartir con mis seres queridos esto y en especial con mi hna menor ojala pueda entender y le haga mucho bien . gracias . Un abrazo inmenso

JOSUE AVILA VITAL April 22, 2012


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