Do You Deserve Success?


Aug 16

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Hi, I’m Carlos Marin author of USF and founder of USA and welcome to another episode of Your Unlimited Life… the show dedicated to teaching you how to be, do and have anything you want in life.

Today we have a very exciting show called “Do You Deserve Success?” In it I will answer 3 of the most impacting questions I get asked continually and what I really believe about your ability to achieve the success, wealth and happiness you want. So enjoy…

I believe we all came into this world as unlimited potential. We are all born with the divine spark of greatness and came here to express it. I believe your beliefs create your reality and the quality of your life. You see, we only have limitations because we were taught to believe in them.

I believe you deserve all the love, happiness, success and wealth you desire and you can be, do and have anything that you want in life. The only requirement is that you develop the mindset and use the strategies of the person who already is, has and does it. I know this to be a fact from my own experience and the results of my students.

As a young man I was very ambitious and desperately wanted to succeed in a big way. My family had fled Cuba and communism in 1961 leaving behind everything they’d worked for all their lives. My grandfather had migrated from Spain to Cuba as a young man and had grown from humble beginnings to great riches only to have it all taken by the Castro communist regime. I wanted to be a businessman and become wealthy just like my grandfather but in a free country where I wouldn’t have it taken away. But, what I was taught in America was to go to school and get a good education so I could get a good job and by age 25 I found myself broke, frustrated and in debt. I was working hard 70+ hours a week, struggling and sacrificing trying to get ahead just like I’d been taught, but still wasn’t any closer to achieving the success and riches I longed for.

I gotta admit I wanted to give up on my dream so many times but my desire to succeed was so strong that it kept me searching in spite of my mediocre results. Then one day while investigating a business opportunity I met some millionaires who offered to mentor me and teach me the secrets to success and wealth if I joined their business. That was music to my ears because I didn’t have a line of millionaires waiting outside my door wanting to teach me anything. It wasn’t easy at first, as I had to unlearn my broke victim mentality, stop procrastinating and change so many other failure habits that were keeping me stuck. But as I consistently applied the principles my mentors were teaching me, over time I began having major breakthroughs.

I learned that success is not hit and miss. It is based on the systematic execution of principles that are as reliable as gravity. My mentors taught me that the more people I helped succeed the greater my success would be so I created a systematic formula around those principles and began to teach it to my marketing networks and the results were beyond fantastic. I’ve done seminars and conventions teaching these principles around the world for hundreds of thousands of people with the largest event having 67,000 people in the soccer stadium at the Olympic Village in Mexico City. Not only did I become a millionaire using this formula but also by teaching it to others I’ve helped several hundred people become millionaires and thousands become financially free. My family and I enjoy a wonderful lifestyle because we have the time freedom to enjoy the financial freedom.

Many people ask me “How do I take control of my thoughts and stop self-sabotaging?” or

“How do I direct my mind purposely so I attract my dreams instead of my problems?” and

“How do I achieve financial freedom when I’m stuck with all this debt?”

And while I’m going to answer those questions in a moment, first of all I want you to understand that it’s a process. You gotta be kind to yourself. The results you’re getting today are due to your beliefs and mindset, which is just the result of what you were taught in the past, your conditioning and the choices you made afterwards. But I want you to understand that today; right now, you have the power to choose. And you can choose new empowering thinking and beliefs that will start taking your life to another place immediately.

You truly can achieve everything that you desire, it’s not as hard as people say it is.  Directing your own mind is not as difficult as you think, it’s simply a choice, your choice that you can make at any moment and then practice consistently. You can become anything you desire and also help others to reach their dreams.

So here’s the answer to the big 3 questions: To direct your mind and control your thoughts you first must get Clarity of Vision- you must get clear on exactly what you want in life. Then the key is to become aware of what you’re thinking moment by moment. Once you’re aware of your thinking- you develop the habit of shifting your focus consistently to what you want (instead of what you don’t want) until you own it mentally. Once you own it you will act accordingly in your daily life and your sub-conscious mind will produce it naturally and automatically! It really is that simple and I will show you how to do it… but like every other skill, it just takes practice until you achieve mastery of it.

The challenge is that most people don’t think they are good enough or worthy of the success they want. But the reality is that we are all children of the universe with all the unlimited potential of Infinite Intelligence within us… so how can we not be good enough? How can we not be worthy? Each of us is a child of God so how can you not deserve every good thing under the sun? Not deserving, not being worthy, not being good enough… that is what’s impossible.

You know what? If I can go from being broke, frustrated, depressed, with no college education, no answers or clear path to success all the way to making millions of dollars per year, then you can too. If many of my students can go from bankruptcy and the lowest levels of failure that you can imagine to being multi-millionaires then you can too. As one of my mentors Jim Rohn told me over 20 years ago, “Carlos, if you’ll devote as much time to working on yourself as you do working on your job, you will have all the wealth and success that you want.”

I want you to know your dreams are important. Your dreams are the gifts of God and if you can dream them you can have them. And you deserve to achieve them all.

I believe that you can have true place success, be wealthy, have great health, your ideal body, loving joyous relationships, live in empowering, emotional states every single day and enjoy all of the beauty that God created for all of us to experience.  You can live your purpose in life and bless others with your gifts and talents.

My job is to teach you the mindset that will produce the results that you desire.  My job is to teach you the proven strategies that have been used by everyone who has ever achieved high-level success in their lives. My job is to help you believe in yourself and learn the principles that will guarantee your success and empower you to shape your world.  I believe in YOU.  I believe we are all one and I believe that you can BE, DO and HAVE everything that your heart desires. You just have to develop the mindset of the one who already has it. I’m committed to showing you how to do just that. That’s what I live for. That’s what I do. That’s my purpose. Until we meet… God bless!

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Patty Dixon Ward August 20, 2014

Process#1mindset+perseverance=success !!!!!!!!!!

Justin and Patty Ward August 20, 2014

Thank you so much !!!!

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