What Dominates Your Life


Oct 25

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Hi I’m Carlos Marin, author of the best seller; The Ultimate Success Formula and welcome to another episode of Your Unlimited Life. Today I’m going to talk about another super impacting topic that actually dominates your life and the results that you produce in it. This is actually a follow up to last week’s show about reading other people’s mind; which is really about reading your own mind. It is really about knowing and identifying what it is that you have in your mind predominantly and what you’re predominantly thinking about because that’s what is producing the results in your life.

For years people have always been asking me why they do what they do; how come they can’t get themselves to do the things they should do in order to achieve the success and the happiness they want in their lives. They can’t stop doing the things that are creating the unhappiness and the lack of success, wealth and riches that they really want. So here’s the secret ladies and gentlemen; what we think about constantly dominates our lives. We do what we do because our actions come from our motives, and our motives come from our beliefs and recurring thoughts. Recurring thoughts means they happen over and over again, and our dominant thoughts and beliefs literally take control of our lives to create and maintain it. You’re going to hear this word from me a lot from here on out automatically because it’s automatic.

I want to come at this from different angles because I want you to fully understand it, and we’re going to start using and manipulating this in order to create massive results for you. Our dominant thoughts create a mental atmosphere all around us and it really is all around, it dominates depending on the strength of your mindset; It can fill your house, it can fill your place of business, and it can fill rooms that you go into. Some of the most powerful personal speakers in the world fill auditoriums with their mental atmosphere; some powerful spiritual leaders fill cities with their mental atmosphere. I know this may sound weird for some of you but you just need to understand that our mindsets create an atmosphere around us and that atmosphere dominates our lives and keeps our lives/results in place. This atmosphere creates and maintains your state of life, your conditions, your circumstances, and it attracts people that resonate with it and repels those that don’t automatically. Remember in our last show we talked about the law of correspondence; this law says as within, so without and as without, so within. This means that this law reflects itself in your, mine and all of our actual external conditions; it reflects itself and it creates your mental atmosphere; your habitual and automatic mindset which fills the space in which you live.

If you look at the life that you have today, the people that you have in it, your conditions and your circumstances; when we talked about the law of correspondence last week we said you can know what people are thinking by the conditions, circumstances, situations and people that they have in their lives and by the words that they say. Now we want to look at this how it relates to you; so look at the life you have today, the people you have in it, your conditions and circumstances and lets go through it so that we can determine what we need to do to get you from where you are right now; which is not where you want to be, to where you truly desire to be. Let’s take a look first at your financial situation; is your financial situation positive, are you moving forward, are you expanding and growing or are you making headway towards your goals and dreams and what you would like your financial situation in life to be.

Are you not moving forward, not moving back, does it seem like no matter what you do it just stays the same, or is it negative; does it seem to be going backwards, does it seem to be getting worse instead of getting better. Whatever the case may be it reflects your mental atmosphere; it reflects you mindset and predominant thinking. This is why for years I’ve told people “associate with people who are where you want to be” because over the course of the next several years the only changes that’s going to come about in your life will be directly proportional to the people you associate with, the books, videos and information that you put into your mind. So what does your financial situation look like; are you moving forward or are you falling behind, or are you in the neutral? Look at your business, your profession, your work situation; is it improving, is it flat or are you moving backwards?

Every time that you look at each of these situations and you should come back to this video and watch it again and you should ask yourself these questions, you should write down the answers to these questions on paper because it’s going to give you a lot of insight into your life. Look at your relationships; relationship with your life partner, your spouse, your soul mate, girlfriend, boyfriend or significant other. Look at your relationship with your kids if you have any, your relationship with your grandkids, look at your relationship with your friends, look at your relationships with your associates and business associates. Examine those relationships and determine are they improving on a consistent basis, are they flat and staying pretty much the same or are they regressing.

We live in a day and time today where people are interested in the way they look, so we’re going to talk about health too. Look at your physical body; do you like the way your physical body looks, are you over weight, are you in shape, are you a skinny fat person or are you a fat skinny person, are you staying neutral, are you falling behind each year, are you aging; what do you think of your physical body and how do you feel about it, because all of these things are very telling in many areas. Look at your health; is your health improving, is it staying neutral, or is it getting worse with every year that goes by. Remember we live in a society that says we’re aging and because we’re aging we’re supposed to be deteriorating and getting worse and worse; but there are cultures that don’t believe that and they live to 120 and  130 years of age; some of them have children into their 100’s. It’s all about the mindset and the predominant beliefs; look at your predominant emotional state, what emotional state do you predominantly live in, and are they positive, neutral or negative. I’m going to spend a little bit of time on this because this one is of key, major importance. Your emotional state, believe it or not, is what affects all the other areas of your life.

Do you live in stress, do you live in anxiety, do you live in resentment, and do you live in anger, or maybe judgment or un-forgiveness, jealousy, hatred, or depression. If you live predominantly in those states or experience those emotional states on a consistent basis, you will have physical and mental repercussions from them. You will have sickness and disease that comes about from those emotions because those emotions are not graceful or things that make you feel good; they make you feel bad. If you live in those kinds of emotions you’re going to suffer physically and emotionally due to those emotions. Just as if you have feelings of unworthiness or not being good enough, if you have feelings of thinking that you don’t deserve; whether it be wealth, success, happiness, love, or being in harmonious and loving relationships. Whatever you think you don’t deserve or you’re unworthy of or aren’t good enough for will avoid you. You will not experience those things so you have to understand what emotional states you live in.

On the flip side of the coin, do you live in states of emotional peace, harmony, forgiveness, acceptance, happiness, love, positive expectancy, joy, confidence, power, abundance and success? Do you feel like you’re worthy of success, wealth and riches, do you feel like you deserve wealth, riches, happiness, love and abundance and do you feel like you’re good enough to have all the good things in life. If you feel like you do, those things will be attracted to you. Most people don’t live in just one side or the other; they go back and forth and that’s why their lives seem to be like a neutral; it seems to be like 2 steps forward and then 3 steps back, 3 steps forward and then 2 steps back; it seems like they can’t get ahead and every time they move forward something happens. They key is to understand where we are and where we’re living because that determines what our mental atmosphere is. I want you to understand something because people go “oh my gosh, am I stuck here, Carlos what am I going to do?” no you’re not stuck; there’s a way to move on and move forward and move through wherever you may be. The answer to this is going to be somewhat easier than you might even think. Studies in neuro-science, psychology, and positive psychology today are showing and proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that people without compelling goals suffer from more depression, anxiety, and sickness than those with exciting visions for the future.

The people with compelling goals and exciting visions and big dreams for the future are happier, more successful and make more money. This is now proven scientific fact, this is not just things of personal development books; this has been scientifically studied. Such people are happier, more successful, have better relationships, make more money and they have less sickness than those who don’t have compelling goals. Cecy and I have friends that work with troubled teens and the research in that field, plus the real world experience is showing that those teens that get into trouble with drugs, teenage sex and way more difficult situations than others, tend to be those that don’t have goals. Those that do have goals and plans for the future and are excited about the future and heading in a particular direction get into way less trouble and have way fewer problems than those without goals.

For years I’ve been telling people that we need to have a clear vision of where we’re going. Beyond that, I’ve also been telling people we need to have huge, powerful dreams that compel and moves us. What is motivation except a motive so compelling, so strong and powerful that it literally compels and moves you to take action. What I’m going to do is give this to you in bite size chunks, and I want you to take in what we talked about today because we’re going to be going into a format very soon that is going to be interactive.


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