How Do I Know What My Purpose is?


Jun 21

In my last article I shared with you some of my personal background to help you start understanding how we align with or miss our purpose in life and what a fine line the difference can be. As I mentioned, since I couldn’t decide what I wanted to be and lacked a dream that required an advanced education, I didn’t go to college.

Due to the high expectations that my family had for me due to my learning abilities I felt pressured to go into a professional career. Since I didn’t go to college that pressure eventually led me to into the insurance field, a very respectable professional career.  I started in developing a clientele in the property and casualty arena, then added life and health insurance. I was studying financial planning when I was introduced to network marketing.

I wasn’t great in the insurance field because I didn’t like to talk about negative things like dying, being hospitalized or car accidents. I did like working with people, however, so I focused on helping them solve their problems with insurance and I did okay by most people’s standards, but I wasn’t fulfilled.

On the other hand, what I liked about network marketing was that I could continually talk to people about achieving their dreams and goals. I saw myself as a business consultant who helped people improve their lives financially.

The only problem I had was a great fear of public speaking (which is pretty much a game breaker in this industry). This stemmed from the fact that I had been laughed at in the second grade while trying to give a book report in front of the class. That event traumatized me and had paralyzed me from speaking in public ever since.

I told one of my mentors, who recruited me into the business that I didn’t like to speak in public. He said I wouldn’t have to do so, unless I wanted to and he would do the meetings for me.  What he didn’t tell me was that after my first 3 or 4 meetings I’d have to take my people to meetings he was doing, wherever they might be!

So after going crazy chasing him all over 3 counties in South Florida to have him show the business to my prospects, the day came when I got tired of dragging my prospects all over town, following him to wherever he was doing business presentations. I told him I’d try doing meetings myself.

He said it was no big deal.  All I had to do was make up some 3×5 cards with information I wanted to cover, tell people I was new at this and let them see how excited I was by the opportunity.  He said it would all work out.

He also gave me a book called The Magic of Thinking Big and pointed out the chapter on how to overcome fear. The cure for fear it turns out (and you might want to add this to your philosophy of life) was, “Action cures fear.” In other words do the thing you fear and the fear will disappear!

I followed his advice, made the 3×5 cards and even gave myself a pep talk in front of the bathroom mirror as he had suggested. I got myself all pumped up, but as I walked out of the bathroom and tried to put the 3×5 cards in my pocket, they fell on the floor. To make matters worse, I had forgotten to number them. As I panicked, I heard the host of the meeting introduce me. I freaked out.

Seconds later, I stood in front of about ten people, opened my mouth to speak… and nothing came out!  I finally started talking but my voice cracked. I sounded like a twelve-year-old girl in distress.

That night, I did a presentation that was supposed to take one hour… in about seven minutes. Then, I introduced my mentor as “the person who has taught me everything I know about this business” and he finished explaining everything I had forgotten in about forty-five minutes.

When he asked for questions, one guy actually said, “What do we have to do to get started?  Because if that guy can do it, anybody can!”

That night, I became determined to succeed at public speaking. It took a while—at the beginning the only one who laughed at my jokes was me—but something kept driving me forward. I secretly had a deep desire to perform, but I also had a big fear of rejection and failure.

Remember, early in my life I was a performer. I was the star running back on the football team.  I loved to sing and dreamed of being the lead singer in a band. The seed of the dream to be a public speaker was inside me.

I needed to build some confidence, develop my own speaking style and acquire the right skills. People say “practice makes perfect” but it’s really, “perfect practice makes perfect” and since I had some good mentors guiding me and some good speakers to model, I improved rapidly.

I did presentations day after day and even gave speeches in my car.  After a while, I got really good at it.

Today, if you ask me what I love to do so much that I lose track of time and go into timeless awareness, it’s teaching people the universal principles of success—and doing it in public venues.

In fact, the larger the audience, the better I like it and the more fun I have. In the past twenty-eight years, I’ve spoken to several million people. I’ve put on events where we had over 67,000 people in a soccer stadium for two-day business and personal development seminars.

This is my purpose in life—to teach people how to achieve success, happiness and wealth. I’ve grown a lot, both personally and financially by pursuing my purpose. I’m on a constant journey, learning, evolving and coming into conscious oneness with my higher self. I know my purpose and am committed to use my talents to contribute to humanity.

The more I share and give, the more fulfillment and success I create in my own life. In a way, I feel like the lead singer in a band.  I’m able to make people feel good and bless their lives by sharing my talents. It took a long time for me to figure this out but I didn’t really have anyone guiding me down this path.

I’m here to help you figure out what your TRUE purpose in life really is. Whatever it is has to resonate with you. It has to turn you on, light your fire, fire you up and drive you with a passion that cannot be quenched other than by you living that purpose!

In my next article I’m going to walk you through an exercise that will really help you get in tune with your passions and find your purpose in life. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing and living your purpose… anything else is trying to climb the ladder of success while its leaning against the wrong wall. And that only leads to frustration, confusion and burnout so stay tuned and until then…


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ana maria robles June 21, 2012

gracias por ayudarme la verdad es que no se por donde empezar espero que pueda seguir regalandome un poco de su tiempo y asi con su ayuda tomar mejores decisiones mil gracias dios lo bendiga

    Carlos June 23, 2012

    Ana Maria, cuenta con eso. Estoy escribiendo estos articulos por el resto del año como un curso para que mis amigos logren sus sueños este año! Bendiciones

Margarita Martinez June 21, 2012

Excelente Carlos ,precisamente estoy leyendo el libro de Wallace Wattles, “La ciencia de hacerse rico que tu recomiendas en hotsystem y cada vez comprendo mejor lo que tu escribes .Saludos Carlos

    Carlos June 23, 2012

    Excelente Margarita, mi propósito es que comiences a entender y aplicar estos principios poderosos para transformar tu vida! Bendiciones


Carlos Marin, le doy las gracias, por este documental que me envio. Fue muy motivante para mi. y si yo tambien quiero crecer en todas las areas de mi vida, y tambien me gustaria ayudar y trasmitir todos mis conocimientos a otras personas. Ya que la misma biblia nos ensena DAR POR GRACIA, LO QUE POR GRACIA RECIBISTE., Y hoy le doy gracias a Dios, por habermelo puesto en mi camino, porque se que voy a aprender mucho de Ud. Que Dios lo bendiga y cada dia le de mas luz, para que siga alumbrando el camino de miles de personas mas. Un abrazo Luz

    Carlos June 23, 2012

    Luz, me da mucho gusto poder servirte y ayudarte a conocer el potencial ilimitado que tienes dentro de ti y usarlo para vivir tus sueños! Un abrazo

Luis Gonzalez June 22, 2012

Estoy tratando de empezar mi negocio de Ambit en Florida pero me he encontrado sin apoyo, estoy dispuesto a volar solo. Que debo hacer?.

    Carlos June 23, 2012

    Luis, puedes llamar a mi asistente Cecilia Alvarez 786-662-9952 y ella te puede ayudar! Saludos

lilliam June 23, 2012

gracias , por la experiencia de su testimonio, todos venimos al pasar del tiempo hacer realidad nuestros suenos y exito que al pasar los anos pensamos que son imposible de hacerse realidad , y todo la experiencia de usted , nos motiva a no cansarnos y seguir luchando y como dice usted toma las riendas de tu trabajo y hazlo no importa si te sale malo o bueno solo sigue , y sigue y veraz tus grandes resultado . y todo lo que tu pensaba hoy debido a que no te cansaste ahi tienes tu resultados . exito y mas exito , una vez mas gracias por su ayuda . yo he seguido y he aprendido del senor jim Rohn . pero ahora usted mi mentor quiero decirle , que lo admiro y respeto , asi como el profundo carino y afecto que muchas personas sentimos por todo el legado que dejo nuestro filosofo de nuestro tiempo jim rohn , pero hoy nuestra comunidad hispana , tiene un mentor original de nuestra sagre latina que sabe y conoce nuestra cultura , y sabe como llegarnos al corazon y nuestra formacion de huesos . y conoce a fondo lo que cuesta ser un triunfador . buenas noche me despido . lilliam Alvarez….

    Carlos June 29, 2012

    Lilliam, gracias por tu fe y honestidad. Eres una persona que realmente estas pensando en tu vida y el futuro que sabes que puedes crear. Jim Rohn fue una persona increíble que nos ayudo a muchos y nos puso en el camino a ayudar millones de personas. Un día Jim me dijo “Carlos, si inviertes tanto tiempo en tu desarrollo personal como inviertes en tu negocio, serás rico y feliz en tu vida!” Gracias a Dios lo tome en serio y lo puse en practica en mi vida. A sido la mejor decisión que he hecho. Te paso el mismo consejo que me dio me mentor y te deseo todo el éxito, amor y felicidad que te mereces! Bendiciones

samuel June 24, 2012

Hola Carlos le agradesco a mi amigo por recomendarme escuchar tus enseñanzas ,la verdad es que son de gran ayuda, yo estoy desarrollando un negocio de MLM pero me sentido estancado y no se ni por donde empesar. que Dios lo bendiga

    Carlos June 29, 2012

    Samuel, una cosa muy importare que puedes hacer es seguir conectado a mi website y aprender de todo el contenido gratis que pongo semanalmente a mis amigos. Es mi forma de contribuir a la humanidad y crear un mejor mundo con personas exitosas, saludable, ricas y felices! Espero que tu seas uno de ellos! Bendiciones, Carlos

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