How to Change Your Identity!


Jun 11

In my last article I asked you to really get honest with yourself and write down who you are right now, in other words your self-concept or Identity. This is who you really believe yourself to be right now based on your thoughts, beliefs and actions. Now, I want to take you through an exercise I call, The Future of Your Past Conditioning.


To get started, look at what you wrote down previously and now write down how the negative parts of your identity have affected you up to this moment in your life. To do this simply follow the guidelines by answering the pertinent questions below.



The Questions:

What has your identity, your belief about yourself cost you in terms of relationships with your loved ones?

What has it cost you in your relationship with yourself?

What has it cost you in your relationship with other people?

What has it cost you in terms of your physical body, your health, and your energy?

What has it cost you in your self-esteem, your self-worth, and your love for yourself?

What has it cost you in financial terms?  How much money have you lost?

What has it cost you, this identity of yours, in terms of your career opportunities?

What has it cost you spiritually and emotionally in your level of happiness, joy and fulfillment?

What has it cost you in your relationship with your God?

Allow yourself to feel the pain, because the more you connect with it right now the better it will be.

Now I want you to focus on that pain and all of these feelings of inadequacy and think about how your life will be five years in the future if you don’t change and you keep being who you are right now with all of your shortcomings and failures. Stop reading for a minute and visualize that painful outcome and really connect with the pain.


Now that you’ve experienced the pain of not changing and going forward in life with the same old identity, realize that none of this has happened yet, and you are in time to change your future.  So stand up and shake out your body, dust yourself off as if you fell and landed in a pile of dirt so you get rid of the negative energy from that visualization… this is important.

This is just a picture of what could be if you don’t change.  You’re on a course to somewhere, based upon who you are today.  But if you change, that destination will be totally different.

Are you now motivated now to start designing who you really want to be?  Who you really deserve to be?


God doesn’t make losers; God doesn’t make average; God only makes great.  We choose to lose or be average.

A Future Created On Purpose

You don’t have to choose to lose—you can choose to win. You don’t have to choose average—you can choose outstanding.  So right now, with this level of motivation, let me ask you this, Who do you really want to be in every area of your life?

Who do you want to be spiritually… emotionally… physically… as a man or a woman… as a spouse… as a parent… as a friend… for yourself… as a businessperson… financially?

What do you want to do with your life?

What is the purpose and passion that you’re committed to living?

What legacy do you want to leave behind?

Take a few minutes right now and really get clear about who you are going to be as a person for the rest of your life. I mean, really get honest as to who you would be if you could be anyone you desire to be. Then we’ll come back and have some real fun.

Stop reading for a moment and write down who you want to be.


Now that you’re clear on who you really want to be, let’s do an exercise that will help you to lock in your new vision and empower you to start living it daily. I call this one “Your Future Designed on Purpose.”

I want you to imagine that you are already the fantastic, successful, wealthy person you just finished describing.  And, you have been living this way for five years.

How do you feel?  What are you thinking?

How great is your life?

How great are your relationships?

How is your financial situation? Your career?

What emotional states do you live in regularly?

What kind of life have you created for yourself?

What vacations are you taking?

Where are you going? Who are you going with?

Where are you living?

What does your house look like?

Is it by the ocean, on a mountain, on a lake?

What do you do for fun?

What lifestyle do you have?

What abilities and skills do you have?

What do you do on a daily basis?

How have you positively affected your partner or spouse?

How of you positively affected your children?

How have you affected your important relationships?

How have you impacted the world positively?

What legacy are you creating?

Are you living your purpose?

How does it feel to live your passion?

How great is your life?

I want you to really feel those incredible emotions, the joy, the ecstasy, the passion, the success, the physical energy. How great do you feel? How much are you enjoying your life? What is it like?

Doesn’t it feel wonderful to decide who you are and create your own destiny?  Stop reading for a couple of minutes, close your eyes and see, hear and feel what it’s like to be this new “Super You” with your new Identity. Really enjoy the feeling!


I want you to understand that if you can imagine it, you can attain it.  The more you imagine it and feel yourself living that life and having that future, the easier it is to create it automatically.

Your assignment now is to take the exercise that you’ve done and write a statement of your new Identity, describing exactly the person that you now are with this new, chosen identity.

Write it in the first person permissive: “I allow myself to be…” or “I choose to be…”  I teach it this way so there is no conflict with your subconscious mind saying “hey, this is b.s., it’s not true,” as you find yourself psychologically reversed again. By writing it this way you are choosing or allowing yourself to already be that person as you lovingly suggest to your subconscious mind to make it real.

Read this statement every morning upon arising and every evening before you go to bed.  Remember, as you keep your attention focused on that which you choose or allow, you create it and make it part of your reality.

In the next article in our series we will learn how to begin to design your life on purpose to get more of what you want in life and achieving your dreams! Until then…

Please leave me your comments and questions below and share this post with everyone you care about. Also become a partner in my empowerment community at and promote it to everyone you love and care about. The world needs YOU and your contribution so we can help millions of people raise their consciousness and get free in 2012! God bless and live your passion…

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Edgar Manzueta June 11, 2012

Hi Carlos,
Thanks for your coaching, the more I consult your blog and review your articles, the clear I am on designing my future, leaving behind past believes ., I thank you one more time for your continuing coaching.,
Best Regards,

Edgar Manzueta

P.S. keep me posted on your upcoming book. and new materials.

    Carlos June 21, 2012

    Edgar, I’m so glad to know that my coaching is serving you. I look forward to watching you break through to massive success and wealth! God bless

Carlos June 12, 2012

Hi Edgar,
I’m happy to be of service and to watch you grow and achieve your goals and dreams! I know you will affect many lives positively.

Rebeca June 14, 2012

Carlos, me encanto es realmente lo que necesitaba en este momento para dejar atras lo que me esta bloqueando y dejar que mi vida se llene de energia positiva y estar eb un nivel de mentalidad muy alto, Gracias

    Carlos June 21, 2012

    Rebeca, me alegro mucho y si sigues enfocada en hacer esos cambios con el total compromiso de hacerlo tu vida se empezara a transformar! Bendiciones

Sergio July 11, 2012

Hola Carlos, como estas???
Fiuuu!!! Me tarde semanas y semanas haciendo este ejercicio, pero finalmente lo acabo de terminar (Bueno aun me falta la declaracion final pero ya acabe todas las preguntas). Mientras escribia el ultimo grupo de preguntas me di cuanta de lo poderoso que es este ejercicio y que definitivamente tu sabes que el hecho de poner a alguien a responder preguntas como esas lo haras por fuerza que se proyecte y se sienta como esa nueva super persona. Yo lo senti y entendi tu sabiduria y porque nos condudes de esa manera para cambiarnos a nosotros mismos.


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