How to Quiet the Inner Critic


Aug 08

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Welcome to Your Unlimited Life, I’m Carlos Marin, author of The Ultimate Success Formula, and creator of The Unlimited Success Academy. On today’s show, I’m going to talk to you about something that’s a very, very important topic for all of us to consider and keep in mind. It’s in fact one of the questions that I keep getting asked continually in my live events and it is this: “How do I deal with that little critical inner voice that is continually berating me, telling me that I’m not good enough and that I can’t do this or that? It tries to tell me that there’s no way that I’ll ever be able to achieve this thing, that thing, or the other thing. How do I deal with it? How do I get rid of it?  Because that’s what I want to do, rid myself of it.

Like all things in life that challenge us, becoming aware and becoming conscious of it is the very first step. You must become aware of when that little voice starts harping away at you. You also must become aware of where is it coming from. In other words, who is it that in your past was continually criticizing you, continually telling you that you couldn’t do something, couldn’t be something or that you couldn’t have something? See we all have been conditioned by well-meaning people who loved us, cared about us, but just didn’t understand some of these principles that you’re learning today.

For me, it wasn’t that they didn’t mean well or that they were trying to put me down. It’s that when I was young and growing up I was in such a hurry to grow up. I was always told that I was “like a bull in a china shop.” My parents and my grandparents were always saying, “Hey, hey, hey, slow down. Take it easy, take your time, you have a lot to learn. If you want to be successful there’s a lot you have to learn. There’s a lot you have to master.” What did my mind hear that as? My mind heard that as, “I’m not good enough.” My mind heard that as, “I can’t be successful.” My mind heard that as, “I’ve got so much to learn that I’m just not good enough.”

Whatever it is for you, you must become conscious of it. Once I became conscious of it and I analyzed the situation, I looked at it and I said, “Wait a second. The context today isn’t even valid.” They were telling me that because I was trying to grow up so fast and that was their way of trying to protect me. They were saying it because they loved me, they didn’t want me to get hurt. But I heard it with my rambunctious desire to grow up as, “You’re not good enough, punk. You dumb kid.”

No longer was this valid in the context that I was feeling it, because I was in my 20s when I started challenging this belief that I’m not good enough. Once I became conscious of it, I realized that the context wasn’t even valid anymore because now I had learned a lot of these things that I hadn’t known before. I wasn’t the bull in the china shop, I was preparing myself, I was competent and I had a lot of skills in a lot of abilities. Then I had to decide who I wanted to be. I had to replace the critical voice with an empowering voice.

I created what today I call “I am” declarations. Those “I am” declarations were declarations of the person who I wanted to be, and who I was committed to being. Those are some of the declarations where I began telling myself: (if you’ve heard some of my shows before or read some of my material, those are the declarations where I said) “I am a millionaire. I am a millionaire. I have the fastest growing marketing organization in the world. I have thousands of people in my organization selling millions of dollars per month.” Right? I developed these “I am” declarations, these affirmations that I kept repeating to myself over and over and over, morning, noon, and night. Until they became a part of my consciousness, until they crowded out that, “I am not good enough” voice. Now with these “I am” declarations, I began sculpting myself into the person that I wanted to be. (Mind you, if you read my book, and I highly recommend you do, all this stuff is in my book. If you get The Ultimate Success Formula, which right now I’m actually giving the book away for free for only $6.95 shipping and handling, little commercial here. It’s a great deal and in there it teaches you how to set up and how to create “I am” declarations, as well as teaching you another concept, which I call “power affirmations.”)

Power affirmations are affirmations that are bigger than you. They’re bigger than life! For example, when you have this little voice pestering you with negative language and words of discouragement, you say, “I roll the care of this critical voice over on the Christ within, (my God-self within me, my super-conscious mind or  whatever your belief system is.) You believe in this higher power, that you’re one with this power, whatever you call it. Continuing with, “I roll the care of this inner critic of this self-beating of not feeling good enough, (name it if you want) I roll the care of that over on my God-self within me and I go free to enjoy the success, wealth, riches, and happiness that are mine by divine right.” That’s a form of release.

Another thing that I teach especially in The Unlimited Success Academy is how to release this energy. There are various different ways that you can do it. One of them is simply becoming conscious of the little voice and telling yourself, “Oh, I welcome this little voice that’s putting me down,” and you continue with “How could I welcome it?” You welcome it because it’s energy, and it’s inside of you already.
Relax and tell yourself: “I welcome this little voice that’s beating me up, I’m grateful for this opportunity to release this energy and free myself.”

If you’ll put your attention on where that might be, (usually in the area of the solar plexus, chest or throat. Put your attention on where that might be and perhaps even put your hand there. This helps with releasing the energy.) “I welcome this feeling of not being good enough, and I’m grateful for this opportunity to free it and free myself.” You’ll probably feel yourself letting out an involuntary sigh and that involuntary sigh is that you releasing your energy. Try that, it works very well. You may have to do it several times to get the release that you’re looking for, but between “I am” declarations, power affirmations, and these energy release techniques that you’ll learn in the book, The Ultimate Success Formula or The Unlimited Success Academy, you can literally transform anything in your life, you can quiet that little voice and you can turn the unfriendly voice into a supportive voice that says, “You’re a winner. You’re a millionaire. You’re great. You deserve success. You deserve happiness. You deserve wealth. You deserve all the good in life.” Believe that voice because you do!
Share the show with five people who you love and care about, who you want to see succeed. Join us on our mission to transform the lives of millions of people around the world with this positive message. Have a phenomenal week and until next week, God bless and live your unlimited life.


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Stephon Hinds August 15, 2015

Love the value in this Carlos, thanks for the tips and your leadership. #yourock

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