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Jul 11

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Welcome to Your Unlimited Life. I’m Carlos Marin, author of The Ultimate Success Formula. The other day I was speaking at a live event, and somebody asked me a question that I just have to share with you. They said, “If we don’t have the money to start our own business, and you say that we need to be in a results-based business in order to become wealthy, how do we ever become wealthy?”

Here is where I must tell you something.
In the world that we live in today, with the technology that exists, anything is possible. (If you saw last week’s show, we talked about opportunity and how technology is changing the world.) Think about this: a person with a computer today (a laptop, or I’d go as far to say even a smart-phone) can do the work of 20 people, 20 years ago. Stop and think about this, ladies and gentlemen. With a laptop, or even a smart-phone, you can be connected to the entire world via the internet. This is the incredible, magnificent opportunity that exists in the world today.

If you wished to have a business of your own or if you want to make money in a results-based business, in order to become wealthy, you have to have a results-based position. You have to be in a situation where you make money based upon your results. Salaries do not cut it. You will never get rich on a salary. You may save and invest wisely over the years and retire at 65, and all that however I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about developing wealth. I’m talking about creating riches. You must be in a results-based business.

Even if you have no money or very little money, what can you do?
Well, number one, you can sell information. Do you know something about something? Are you good at something? Are you an “expert” at something? I’m a member of something called The Experts Industry Association, which has experts from all over the world in all types of industries (from business people to trainers, to psychologists, to doctors, to network marketers, to internet marketers, and everything in between.)
Look, if you want to make money today, there is always a way. You can get a product or a service and you can sell it over the internet. You may say, “Well, wait a second, I don’t have any experience with technology.”  If it’s an information product, there are companies out there like ClickBank that you can sell your informational products. (They’ll actually collect the money for you.) They’ll actually pay you. After their fee, they will pay you your money on your sales. There are a lot of things you can do.

“Okay. I’m not an expert, Carlos. I don’t have an information product. What can I do?” Have you heard of this thing called Amazon? Have you heard of this thing called eBay? You can sell products and services on Amazon and on eBay. You know what? Go on Amazon, go on eBay, and look at the products that are selling. Find something that’s selling, something that interests you, something that you’re excited about, and you can get third-party people to manufacture products for you, that you can then turn around and sell on Amazon or on eBay. Again, ladies and gentleman, where there is a will, there is a way.

How about network marketing, well guess what? There are thousands or tens of thousands of companies out there today selling anything and everything that you can imagine. Find one that resonates with you. Find a product that resonates with you, something you’re excited about, and get involved with the company that’s selling that product. I’m actually the Chairman of the Education and Events Committee for the Association of Network Marketing Professionals. I have friends in there that sell nutritional products through network marketing, health and wellness products, beauty products, cosmetics, cards, greeting cards, electricity, natural gas, telephones, telephone services. I could go on and on. Weight loss programs and products even! It’s endless, ladies and gentlemen. It’s endless, the opportunities that are available out there are absolutely endless.

Even if you feel like you don’t have a lot of money, most of these things for $500 or less. You can get started and don’t tell me, “Well, I don’t even have $500” because you’ve needed $500 in the past before and what have you done? For whatever it is that you really wanted to do, you’ve just gone out and borrowed the $500 from somebody, or you’ve put it on a credit card and figured out how to pay for it later.  There are ways. You are capable. We’re talking about your future. We’re talking about creating the life of your dreams and, in order to do so, you got to have a results-based business.

Now, I’m not telling you to just jump off the deep end and go crazy. I’m telling you to find something you resonate with. Find something that really floats your boat, something that really gets you excited and then go out there and sell it. Also, whether you do selling on Amazon or on Ebay, or even selling on the direct Internet, or through some network marketing company, there are experts out there that have systems teaching you exactly how to do it.

We live in the age of transformation, not the age of information, the age of transformation. There’s this thing out there called Google, right? This thing called Google will lead you to information of any type, of any kind that you can imagine.  Whatever it is you want to do, (I know for sure in network marketing companies, there are experts within companies) there are generic experts that will teach you how to become successful and even how to make six and seven-figure incomes. I have friends in the internet world and in the internet marketing business, who do the exact same thing. There are experts out there everywhere! They have systems that are duplicable and anybody can follow. All you’ve got to do is hook up with the right one, find the right product or service that resonates with you, and go out there and promote, promote, promote.

Remember not to let anything hold you back. You are unlimited potential. You came to this world to generate, produce and express greater levels of life, love and beauty. You have this unlimited potential within you. Don’t let anybody tell you that can’t win or that you can’t succeed. You are destined for greatness. Share this show with five people you love, five people you care about that you want to see succeed. Join this community, join this online community of entrepreneurs dedicated, devoted to empowering millions of people around the world know their true power and greatness, be free and live their highest vision in life. So until next week, go live your unlimited life and God bless.

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Steve Larimer July 11, 2015

Great imformation here from a great, smart guy, I met Carlos in 92 in Orlando along with several other big names, hes came along way, nice guy!

Vikki Carpenter July 11, 2015

Thanks again…I love receiving the blogs & videos….I share them immediately with my team members in my Ambit business….Congrats again on reaching $5 million… See ya at Ambition….. Vikki & Wayne Carpenter. Galveston Island. Texas

    Carlos July 13, 2015

    Thank you Vikki for sharing… Make sure you come to see us at Ambition so we can connect. God bless.

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