Millionaire Habits 4 – Constructive Focus


Feb 14

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Welcome to Your Unlimited Life! I’m Carlos Marin, author of The Ultimate Success Formula and founder of The Unlimited Success Academy. This is week number four on the seven key mental states or habitual thinking patterns and characteristics of millionaire entrepreneurs. I’m doing these shows because I want to convince you, that you can be, do and have anything that you want. I’m committed to teaching you how to do this for yourself! Through these teachings and mental states of these millionaire entrepreneurs, I believe that you can achieve anything that you desire in your life.

The first key was clarity of vision. You must know with absolute clarity exactly where you want to go, what you want to have, what kind of lifestyle you want, everything. Number two was that you must completely love what you do. You must do what you love and love what you do in order to sustain the intensity and achieve the success and wealth that you desire. We then talked about commitment. Commitment is the power that turns wishing and wanting into intention and expectancy. It guarantees the end result. Today, we’re going to talk a about a very powerful habit that is the key to directing your mind. This is what I call Constructive Focus.

It’s called constructive focus because you’re going to focus on something but you must make sure it’s constructive rather than destructive. Focus is just attention, it’s the act of directing your attention in a certain direction. That’s what focus is, but where attention goes energy flows! The whole universe is made up of energy. We are energy! Our thoughts are energy, our beliefs are energy and I repeat, where attention goes, energy flows. Attention (or focus) is the power to direct your own mind.

However, if you don’t direct it, somebody else will direct it for you! In spiritual and religious works we talk a lot about this thing called free will. Free will really boils down to this: Nothing more and nothing less than the ability to focus your attention. It is really the only real power that we have. It is how we direct and control everything in our lives.

That’s why so many people are unhappy and miserable, because they’re not directing their attention, they’re not directing their focus, and somebody else is doing it for them. If somebody else is doing it for you, you’re not getting what you want, the other people are.

It’s critical to stop and ask yourself this question: “What am I thinking about most of the time?” Psychologists say we have over 70,000 thoughts a day, and over 93% of them are the same thoughts over and over again. This is going on unconsciously under the surface of our attention.

At some point in our lives, we gave these things (thoughts) attention and then they became this habitual automatic thinking process, functioning within us. What you think about most of the time creates your life and your lifestyle. The only way for you to change that is to consciously grab hold of and take control of your attention. That’s what I mean when I talk about focus.

These days most people’s attention is directed by others. Today we live in a world in which distractions reign, distractions are everywhere. It’s TV, it’s the internet, it’s our e-mail, which is just a convenient means of other people manipulating us for their own agenda. The media, and I mean all types of media, not just television, not just internet, but there’s also magazines and there’s radio, there’s all kinds of things. This is other people and their agendas vying for our attention.

You must get this…. To get your attention means to get your money. The reason they want your attention is because they know, if they get your attention they can influence your thinking. TV advertisers have known this for years and now they take advantage of the internet. Look at social media and how that began as a free thing and everybody thought, “Oh, this is just a way of having fun!” It’s a way of advertising, it’s a way of selling and marketing. All these folks know, that if they get your attention, they get your money.

You need to understand that who and what directs your attention, directs your life. When I say that consciousness is reality or consciousness is the only reality, I mean that it’s what you are conscious of. What you are directing your attention and your focus toward is what will become more and more real in your life. See, you can’t focus on what you love and what you fear (or what you hate) at the same time. You simply can’t, it’s impossible. You can’t see problems and dreams at the same time.

Your mind works like a camera, just like this camera that’s filming me, or that camera that’s filming me, your mind works like a camera. The lens of that camera focuses in on something. While these cameras are focused in on me and they’re recording me, they can’t see my wife Cecy over there. They can’t see Chris behind that camera or Cassie behind this camera. They can’t see what’s going on over there or over there, because it’s focused on me. If they focused over there, (on something else) then you wouldn’t be able to see me.

The important thing is for you to understand is that’s the way your mind works too. You can’t see problems and dreams at the same time. So what are you going to focus on? Because what you focus on grows, that’s the way the mind works. What you focus on, grows. What you focus on, gets bigger. Using the lens of the camera as a clear example, the more you zoom in on something, it becomes bigger and bigger. You see things in more clarity, in more detail, more color and distinction.

So, if you focus on a problem over and over and over and you zoom in on the problem (and you examine it from all different directions) what happens to the problem? It grows. We’ve all been there! We’ve all focused so much on problems at times in our lives, and somehow they became so ominous that they just tore us up, right?

The same thing would happen if you focused on your dreams with that intensity. If you focused in on your dreams, looked at the color of your dreams, the size, the detail, you’d watch them grow before your eyes. It’s critically important to “zoom in” and magnify your dreams rather than your problems or your fears.

You must look for solutions rather than for problems. I’m not saying problems don’t exist, but problems naturally bring their own solution. Contained within every problem is it’s own solution. I tell this to people all the time they think they think I’m crazy. They say, “Carlos, my problem is I don’t have enough money to pay my bills. Show me how that problem’s bringing me the solution” and I say, “Dummy, it’s right there in front of you!”
“Well what is it then?”
“Well, make enough money to pay your bills.”
But the thing is people are lazy, they don’t want to find the solution.
“Oh, that’s the answer so now what do I have to do?”
“But I can’t make more money to pay my bills.”
“Why not?”
Change what you are doing! See, if what you’re doing isn’t making you enough money to pay your bills, change what you are doing. Find something else and grow. That’s what I love about direct sales and network marketing. It gives anybody the ability to get into business for themselves.
“Oh but I’m not an expert at that.”
Learn, just learn. Problems bring their own solutions.

In life there’s a thing called the law of polarity. Everything is really two things. It’s the thing you want, and the thing you don’t want. It’s the positive and the negative. It’s cold and it’s hot. It’s up and it’s down. Two opposing poles of the same thing. Now, what you must do (and get into the habit of) is learn what I call the positive opposite.
“Oh, I’ve got this thing in my life I hate.”
Well, what’s the opposite of it? I can’t pay my bills, well make enough money to pay my bills. I can’t pay my bills, well become debt free. I can’t pay my bills, well become financially free. “Oh my God, I’m overweight,” well lose weight. “Oh my God, I can’t control my eating habits,” well control your eating habits. Model somebody, find somebody who has the end result that you want and model them, copy them.

Winners “imagineer” their future. Winners imagine and reverse engineer their future. They feel their dreams achieved. They go to the end, they see the end result that they want in their life, and then they imagine that end result over and until it becomes a feeling. Until they feel their dream’s achieved. This multiplies a positive mental attitude. Multiplying a positive mental attitude makes you more attractive. It attracts like things to you. The more positive you are, the more positive is attracted to you. (People, conditions, situations, circumstances.) The positive grows, the focus grows and what you focus on grows.

Listen, in my own life I had victim mentality, I was negative. I had stinking thinking and through my mentors I learned. I told you, on the show about commitment, about that young guy whom I learned to be committed from. Through some of my other mentors, I learned how to sell out to my dream as well. I learned how to create my own ideal life story and contemplate it constantly. I made a vision board. That’s right, I made a vision board with pictures of all that I wanted in my ideal life, from houses, to cars, to vacations, to what I wanted to do with my girls and travel the world. I created a vision board of my ideal life. I put pictures on it, not just on the vision board, but on my refrigerator, on the mirror in my bathroom too. I visualized, I had these pictures everywhere, so I could keep it in front of me and then I imagined my ideal life with the results I wanted.

I meditated, visualized and imagined every morning, every night (and if I could, throughout the day once or twice.) Every morning and every night, I meditated for 20 to 30 minutes. Then throughout the day if I needed a little boost, I’d jump into a bathroom some place, and do a little quick two-minute visualization session. I made it real in my mind. That’s how I went on to become a millionaire in 28 months. I kept my focus on my dream. I ate it, I slept it, I lived it and I breathed it 24/7.

You’re probably thinking, “This sounds too easy Carlos” but hey, this stuff works. If you mentally take possession of what you want by maintaining your focus on it continually, you will produce whatever you want in your life. Every millionaire winner has done this and you can too. Take this seriously! These are simple little keys that I’m giving you one at a time, every week. Master these simple principles because these are the keys to getting whatever you want in your life.

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Until next week, continue to live your unlimited life and God bless.


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Bernard Hirsch February 14, 2015

Are you still working a MLM program?

    Carlos February 17, 2015

    Hi Bernard, yes I am.
    God bless.

Guadalupe Gomez February 20, 2015

Carlos me gustaría saber si tienes saber si tienes pensado dar algún seminario en Guadalajara, Jalisco México y si es así en que fecha, saludos

    Carlos February 21, 2015

    Hola Guadalupe, tengo pensado hacer un seminario en Mexico D.F.
    La fecha todavia no la tengo, pero defenitivamente en el 2015.

Sue Leonard May 31, 2015

Thank you so much Carlos Marin. I love watching your posts, and share them a lot. You inspire me!

Lawrence Smith June 4, 2015

Outstanding. I've had success in my life but never truly had a mentor to help me get to that level I believe I belong at. I'm expecting your book to be delivered in the next day our two. I'm pumped.

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