Millionaire Habits 5 – Confident Boldness


Feb 21

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Welcome to Your Unlimited Life! I’m Carlos Marin, author of The Ultimate Success Formula, and founder of The Unlimited Success Academy. If you’ve been following my shows, by now you know that my motto or theme, is that you can be, do, and have anything that you want if you’ll just develop the mindset of the person who already has them. Considering nobody has taught us directly in our lives how to do this, in my show, Your Unlimited Life, I’m going to show you how. I’m going to show you precisely and exactly how to do this.

In the last four shows we’ve been discussing the seven key mental states (characteristics or habit patterns) of millionaire entrepreneurs. The greatest number of people in my community are entrepreneurs because I’ve been working with, teaching and training entrepreneurs for over thirty years. This thing (becoming a millionaire) is the biggest thing that I see entrepreneurs desiring out of their businesses and in their lives. This is why we’ve been talking about the seven key patterns.

The first key was clarity of vision. Know what you want. Know the end result. Stephen Covey always said, “Start with the end in mind.” Number one key is clarity of vision. Number two was complete love for what you do. If you don’t love what you do, you will not sustain the level of intensity required for major achievement. Number three was commitment. You must sell out to your dream. You must burn your boats. You must turn your desire into full-blown expectancy. Number four was constructive focus, because you must maintain your attention on the things you want. There’s a huge competition for our attention in the world we live in today, and if you don’t direct your own attention (it’s the only true power and control that we have) then someone else is going to pull your attention from the outside in order to get their long arm into your pocket.

Today, we’re going to talk about a mental state that is absolutely critical. It’s a critical key to your influence and success, and this key is called confidence. Now, we could also call it “confident boldness” and take it up another notch, but let’s begin with the foundation of confidence, which is where our confidence stems from. For me personally, confidence is rooted from the faith in my inner power. My inner power is the knowing that I’m an individualization of God. (The spirit of the universe – infinite intelligence, infinite mind – dwells in me.) I have access to that power to use and to create the life of my dreams. That gives me a lot of confidence because it’s not just little old me, it is the power that works within me.

This is one of the things when I’m working with people, that I try to instill in them and help them to understand. It’s part of my mission in life to empower people to know their inner power as well as their true greatness. Then use power to be free and live their highest vision in life. That gives me a lot of confidence. However, confidence also comes from believing in oneself and one’s own powers and abilities. It’s self-reliance, assurance as well as a sense of certainty. It’s a sense of certainty about yourself, about what you’re doing, what you’re capable of producing, and about the result that you’re capable of creating in your life.

Something that also really helps and increases confidence is belief in your purpose. I talk about having a purpose, having a mission as well as that clarity of vision. You must know what you want and you must know what the end result is. When you have a purpose, a mission, a business, something that you are just sold out to, that increases your confidence. When you have belief in your skills, in your abilities, whether they be habits, tenacity or persistence, your level of competence creates confidence. People that don’t feel they’re competent in something lack confidence. Belief in your skills, abilities, competence, all of that naturally increases confidence.

Additionally, past successes, past achievements, and experience help you feel more confident about where you’re headed. When you know that you know something, when you know that you know your topic, when you know that you’re an expert at your topic, when you know that you’ve created past good results with what you know, when you’ve created past successes, you create more confidence.

If you consistently practice and make mental note of the keys we’ve been talking about on these shows, you’ll begin to immediately notice a change in progress towards your goals. Clarity of vision inspires confidence because you know clearly what it is that you want. Loving what you do magnifies confidence because you’re sold out to it. Commitment cements confidence because you refuse to give up or allow anything to keep you from achieving your dream. Constructive focus multiplies your confidence because what you maintain your focus on (like the zoom of the camera if you’ll think back to that show) increases.

When you act with certainty and boldness, you find the epitome of confidence. That is really what you are looking to do with this principle and mental attitude. When you have confidence, you act with certainty. (That’s why I shared this tidbit before diving into the description of confident boldness.) If you look at the definition of bold in the dictionary, it’s not hesitating or being fearful in the face of actual or possible danger or rebuff. The dictionary actually uses words like rebuff, which means rejection. It also means courageous and daring. That’s what boldness means!

Confident boldness is mentally taking possession of your end result in your mind. It’s a faith that your dream is already yours. That confidence, that mental possession of the end result, that faith, it attracts the positive people, positive conditions, and positive circumstances that you require in order to make your dream a reality.

Confidence has a huge influence on other people. People want to follow people who know where they’re going. People do not like to follow people who don’t seem confident, or have any clue about where they’re going. Understand the value and the results that this will produce for you, not just in business, but also in any area of your life. People want to do business with confident people. People want to buy from confident people. If you’re not confident about your product, your service, your business, or about what you’re selling and promoting, then people don’t want it. They want to know that what you have is good, and your confidence shows and demonstrates that.

People want to be friends and hang out with confident people. It makes them feel good! People don’t want to hang out with mopes, they don’t want to hang around with people who don’t know what they want or where they want to go. People are attracted to confident people. Confidence naturally equals positive belief, which equals positive energy, which equals success results. This mind-set makes you very attractive. You attract the right people, the right circumstances and the right conditions to you. It makes you attractive. Attractive doesn’t necessarily mean beautiful, it means that people are drawn to you, as well as the right conditions and circumstances.

I know you maybe sitting there going, “This seems too easy Carlos.” Let me tell you something, these are called The 7 Success Secrets of Millionaire Entrepreneurs for a reason. These are mental patterns, habits, characteristics and states of consciousness that you embody and really produce fantastic results with. Every millionaire entrepreneur, every single one, has used them consciously or unconsciously. You might say, “What do you mean, unconsciously?” Some people grew up in families where these things were just ingrained in them as habits. They’re acting this out and they’re doing and living with these mental states unconsciously and producing phenomenal results. Some of us had to study those people and learn these mental states and habits to use them consciously, which is what I’ve done and what I’m teaching you to do.

Share this show with five people that you love, five people you know want to be millionaires. Share the love! Help me on my mission to empower millions of people to know their true inner power, their greatness, be free and live their highest vision in life. If you haven’t already done so, subscribe to my YouTube channel, share it with others so all of you can watch these shows in one central location free and easily every single week. You can click on the icon at the end of this show that says CarlosMarinTV. You can go to and subscribe right there! Until next week, live your unlimited life, and God bless.


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