Millionaire Habits 6 – Creative Action


Feb 28

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Welcome to Your Unlimited Life. I’m Carlos Marin, author of The Ultimate Success Formula, and founder of The Unlimited Success Academy, and this show is about showing you how to be, do and have anything that you want because you can have it, you can do it, you can be it, you just have to learn how, and I am committed on this show to teaching you that.

In the last five shows, we’ve been talking about the seven key mental states, (the seven success secrets I call them) of millionaire entrepreneurs. As for a quick recap, number one was clarity of vision, you must know what end result you want. Number two was complete love for what you do or you will not sustain the intensity required for major achievement. Number three was commitment, because if you don’t sell out, you will quit. Number four was constructive focus. You must maintain your attention and focus on what’s important. Focus on your dreams, your goals rather than on other people’s agendas. Number five was confident boldness, acting with confidence and using confidence as influence to lead other people.

Today, we’re going to talk about a really, really important one. I’m going to talk about it in a way that you might have heard a little differently before in the past. It’s a very misunderstood phrase, because people will always say, “You have to take massive action” and while massive action is good, you know they also say that practice makes perfect. I’ll tell you right now that’s complete poop. That’s not true! Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. This makes taking massive action meanwhile doing the wrong thing will only going to get you farther away from your goal. Let’s look at the definition of creative for example, it means: having the quality or power of creating. Meanwhile the definition of action is: the activity, manner, or method of performing. When you put those two together, it’s really action that creates the results you desire, right? Actions are what produce the desired outcome. I call this productivity as opposed to activity. We’re not talking about being busy; we’re talking about activity that produces. Productivity is activity that produces the end result that you are seeking and obviously that is your dreams and goals. We’re talking about bold, confident, focused, consistent daily action that moves you closer to the achievement of your goal. That’s the big distinction we need to make.

When I work on plans of action with some of my clients, we focus in on what are the key actions that need to happen on a daily basis that will move you closer to the achievement of your goal every single day, every single week, every single month. Again this is productive action rather than busy work.

To me, action is really reaping your harvest because you’ve already planted something in your mind. You’ve already planted in mind this end result that you want. You’re in love with it, totally committed to achieving it and focused on it consistently. You’re taking confident, bold action towards it. You’re really taking physical steps now to claim what you’ve mentally possessed. You’re basically taking confident possession of what’s already yours. To me, the action is the harvesting side of things. In reality, things are created in mind. The truth of the matter is that everything begins by creating it with your thoughts (your focus.)  You’re already contemplating, playing, manipulating and moving these thoughts around in your mind, you just have to go out and act on it. That is initially the harvesting step.

In my story of how I became a millionaire, I went to this seminar and I heard this cocky, confident guy that had become a millionaire in 29 months. He said that the reason that he was on stage as a millionaire and we were in the audience watching him was because we hadn’t sold out to our dreams, and we were not truly committed. This pushed me until I made this commitment. This irrevocable decision that I was going to become a millionaire in 29 months from that day, just like that guy had done. The thing is, when you make that commitment, everything changes. For me, everything changed. I mean people looked at me different. From that day forward, I spoke differently, I walked differently, I acted differently. People started looking at me differently. People started reacting and responding to me in different ways. It’s like all of a sudden, I had this new level of respect and people all of a sudden wanted to follow me. They wanted to follow me because this confidence that comes when you make a commitment is absolutely huge.

I started taking massive creative action from that day forward. I started taking massive creative action. Suddenly that action didn’t feel like work, in-fact it felt like play, because I was acting with joy. You created your end result when you defined your dream. As you contemplated it and focused on it, you began expressing your artistic ability on the object of your love. You are now claiming what you committed to and have the expectancy to fully achieve. You are possessing what you constructed with your focus and acted on with confident boldness. Now you’re acting creatively. You’re bringing into fruition that thing that you love, your dream. It brings you right back, everything full circle to the dream.

I learned long ago: “begin with a dream, end with a dream.”
When you start taking this kind of creative action just like me, you’re living your dreams. It’s fun! You’re enjoying life because you’re expressing yourself. You’re expressing greater levels of life, greater levels of love and greater levels of beauty. That’s what you’re doing, that’s what life is all about to you. Every single day your focus is on moving the needle and getting closer and closer to that end result, to that dream that you love.

Ladies and gentlemen, this perspective becomes a belief that builds your character. You become a wealth and success magnet, and all of a sudden everything you do begins to prosper. I’ve said this before and it may seem too simple but let me tell you again, these powerful principles produce amazing results. These are the secrets that all millionaire entrepreneurs have used to create success and wealth in their lives. Go out, share this show with five people that you love, five people you know want to be millionaires, share the love! Join me on my mission. Let’s empower millions of people to know their inner power and greatness, be free and live their ideal lives. If you haven’t done so, subscribe to my YouTube channel and share it with others. Watch these shows in one central location, free and easily every week. You can do it by clicking on the icon that will show up on screen at the end of this show, or go to and subscribe. So until next week, live your unlimited life and God bless.


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