How to Overcome Your Past and Win!


Jul 12

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Hi I’m CM author of the Ultimate Success Formula and founder of the Unlimited Success Academy and welcome to another edition of Your Unlimited Life a show dedicated to teaching you the mindset and strategies to empower you to live the unlimited life of success, wealth, freedom and happiness that you deserve!

Since we are going to take a journey together to help you find your true power become free and live your ideal life I’d like to share my story with so you can have more faith that you can achieve your dreams. By my story you will learn that if I can do it you can do it too. My beginnings were nothing special. The fact is that I had a lot of turmoil in my life as a baby and young child that impressed me with a lot of fear and doubt. Then my adolescent years were pretty ordinary and anything but spectacular and I arrived into young adulthood frustrated and confused as to the direction my life should take. My story should give you a lot of hope that you can overcome many obstacles and rise to whatever level you want in life…

I was born in Cuba, the day after Fidel Castro went into the Sierra Madre Mountains to begin the revolution. The mood in the country, and in my family, was one of fear and apprehension. My parents were so concerned about guerilla fighting breaking out that they went to the hospital a day early.

Castro took over the country in December of 1959, when I was three years old. Shortly thereafter he started taking people’s homes, land and belongings. In my parents’ neighborhood, the military came to take one of their friend’s houses and when he refused, they just shot him dead, point blank, right in front of his family.

Think about all of the turmoil, negativity and violence that happened during the first years of my life. I was surrounded by uncertainty and fear as my parents tried to figure out what to do. “Do we leave? Do we stay a little longer and see what happens? What will happen to us? What will happen to our children?”

They stayed for a year expecting that the new communist regime would be short lived but once it looked like it might take a while they decided that the best thing to do was leave as soon as possible. Since my grandfather was a Spaniard they got a visa to go to Spain very quickly.

My parents, my sisters and I left everything behind and fled from Cuba with only the clothes we were wearing, one suitcase and a $1,000 bill my father had smuggled out in the heel of his shoe. We began a new life in Spain and subsequently came to the United States a year later.

These experiences affected me negatively for years without my realizing it. I was too young to understand dictatorships or communism, but I still had to leave everything behind, even people I loved, and move to a strange place. My parents, of course, knew exactly what was happening. They saw all the wealth my grandfather had created over 50 years and the businesses that they had also worked for taken from them, literally overnight. This sense of insecurity was pervasive in our household and became part of my consciousness, although I didn’t fully realize how powerful this deep-seated fear of loss was until many years later.

While those fears were a motive for my working hard and striving to get ahead in life, at the same time they produced the sensation that somehow I would lose my wealth the same as my grandfather and my parents had. They believed — and unknowingly taught me to also believe — that no matter how hard you work, or how much wealth you are able to accumulate, someone can come along and take it all from you.

Fast forward to 1982, I was married, broke and in debt. I owned a small insurance agency along with a partner and made about $30,000 a year. I rented a small apartment, but drove a BMW I couldn’t afford so that I could give the impression of being successful. I was falling deeper and deeper into the hole, with no idea how to turn my life around. I was smoking and drinking, frustrated and ready to give up on life.

I hated my situation and deep inside I had a nagging sensation that there had to be more to life than the depressing conditions in which I was living. I felt that there was a reason I was here on this earth and I was determined to find out what that was. Due to my intense desire to change my circumstances, I met a successful businessman through a friend of my wife that showed me a lucrative network marketing opportunity. He also introduced me to some multi-millionaires who were mentoring him who said they’d also teach me what they had done to achieve their success and wealth. They became my first mentors and they introduced me to a curriculum that I never knew existed – the Universal Principles of Success and Wealth.

I was so excited about learning about these laws (which honestly, back then I just viewed them as techniques, tricks and strategies that created a short cut to success) that I tried to get around these people as much as I could.  I had such an insatiable hunger for knowledge that I started attending monthly seminars these people did, reading as many books on success as I could find and listening to audiotapes of these super successful people who were living examples of the power of these principles. I learned that success does not come about by accident or luck, but is the result of thinking and acting according to these principles. I also realized that this process could be learned by anyone.

It was challenging at first, because due to my victim mentality and habitual focus on what was wrong in my life, I was still attracting unwanted results and experiences. I was still sometimes doubting if all this positive attitude stuff really worked because I was still struggling and not getting very good results. It seemed like I’d take 2 steps forward and then 3 steps back, like something or someone was blocking my success. I finally came to understand that this someone was me! I didn’t realize that I was misusing the Laws of Success and suffering the consequences because my negative thinking and victim mentality was attracting exactly what I didn’t want but I didn’t realize then that it was precisely because of the fact that I was focusing on what I didn’t want or what I feared. The first moment of clarity came to me when I realized I could change my life, but I had to first change my consistent way of thinking. Willpower alone would not do it. I had to take complete responsibility and own my life – the good, the bad and the ugly and direct my thinking on purpose.

To fully own my life, I had to make some important decisions. My partner in the insurance agency was not happy about my split-focus between insurance and another business and we were in conflict quite a bit, so I sold my part of the agency and got out. I was not making enough money in network marketing yet to support my family, so I had to do something to make money. Fortunately a friend of mine who was a successful mechanical engineer was starting an energy conservation and management business and asked me to be his partner and do the sales and marketing. While working this new business, I stayed plugged into the system in my network marketing business because the training and mentoring I was receiving on Universal Principles was the best available anywhere. The good news was that I was applying all of the success principles I was learning to my energy business and in the course of three years, I was making almost three times as much as I did in insurance! Now I couldn’t quit even if I wanted to; I had to stay plugged into this Success System and keep learning more.

In early 1986, after three and a half years in my network marketing business, I attended a leadership seminar. The speaker told us how he had gone from the verge of bankruptcy to building a business worth millions of dollars, all in the space of two-and-a-half years. He shared a simple 4-step formula for success with us and I really related to this guy because he was young, excited and confident. He told us that the reason we were in the audience and he was on the stage is that we hadn’t sold out to our dream. He said we were walking around like we had many options to live the lifestyle that he had and that we were wrong. When he got started he didn’t think he was as sharp as some of the other leaders but he had a huge dream, total commitment and believed he could outwork anybody. So he took his formula, created a plan to do twice as much productive activity as was expected and took massive action and 29 months later he was a millionaire.

I realized that while I was doing OK in my energy business I had nowhere near the results that he had. I was trying to negotiate the price of success and my lack of commitment was keeping me broke. I wasn’t satisfied with an $80k income, company car and health insurance plan. I wanted more, much, much more. I wanted to be free and rich, to do what I wanted, when I wanted with whomever I wanted for as long as I wanted and do it first-class and I decided right there and then that I was going to become a better student of success, apply the principles to my networking business and use that formula to become a millionaire, too.

The original formula I learned that day was made up of four simple steps:


1. Define your dream.

2. Get a vehicle.

3. Make a plan of action.

4. Take massive action.


I made a total commitment to use this basic formula to become a millionaire in two and a half years just like my new mentor. During this process I modeled the fastest growing leaders, made huge strides within my company and stayed focused on my dream, taking massive action while acting as if I was already a millionaire. I also overcame a poor self-image and many beliefs that had been holding me back. Knowing the formula was one thing, but mastering myself was the key ingredient in my success.

In 28 months, through continued study and practice of the principles, I mastered the formula, made strategic business decisions and I did it. I did in 28 months what I had not even come close to doing in 3 and ½ years. I became a millionaire! The difference was that now I had taken full responsibility over my life and results. I was totally sold out to producing the results I wanted. I was directing my own mind, beliefs and thinking accurately and positively. I was following through on my plan of action and taking massive consistent productive action on that plan all the while acting like I was already a millionaire!

I used this basic formula to make millions of dollars and help many others make millions also but it still had some holes in it. While it was a great recipe for achievement it didn’t address deeper issues due to emotional scars and psychological wounds that were deep-seated and engrained at very early ages, as you might have guessed from my story. I wound up losing many millions of dollars, which led to my much deeper study of the principles. As devastating as it was at that time, this wound up being a huge blessing in disguise which is how and why I created the USF but I will share that juicy part of the story on the next video, audio and article. Until then share this with everyone you care about so they can live their unlimited life and let’s make this your best year ever! Until next week God bless and live your passion!


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delmy pineda July 12, 2014

sound pretty to believe ourselves but I believe that people can achieve what ever they want if the they have the perseverance and the guide of someone sensitive leadership. like you are but I felt frustrate when I went to my immediately consultant and then to the next one and I didn’t received the support that I needed inmedialely It was only one more customer to get my free energy and continuing struggling and working to reach my success.

Thank you if you took a minute from your buiest time to read this symple not..


    Carlos July 12, 2014

    Hi Delmy, you can be do and have anything you want as long as you develop the mindset and use the strategies of the person who already is, has and does it. Don’t wait for anybody to build your business for you. There are plenty of examples of successful people whose mindset you can model and strategies you can follow. I wish you all the success, wealth and happiness that you deserve. Best always.

gps navigacia September 9, 2014

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Keep up the good writing.

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