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Dec 19

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Welcome to “Your Unlimited Life”. I’m Carlos Marin, author of the Ultimate Success Formula, and for the past several weeks we’ve been talking about a very, very important topic, which is one of the major keys to your success, your joy, your happiness, and your freedom in life. That topic is motivation. We talked about how motivation is created, is provoked by something: an ambition, a dream a desire – a burning desire. It is also sparked by an expectancy of attaining it. If you have a dream but you don’t believe that you can attain it, you will not do what motivation actually means, and that is take action to go after your motive.

Motivation means taking action on your motive. So, it is sparked by a motive, but it is ‘the action’ to go after that motive that we’re looking for. Today, we’re going to talk about something really important… How do you sustain motivation? Because you see a lot of times, people get all fired up and excited about a dream that they have. They say they are committed to it, and they create that expectancy, that belief that they can have it, and then they get derailed. What happened to cause that derailment?

We’re not going to go down the typical traditional paths that everybody would follow, “Oh well, it was self-sabotage. I had conflicting desires and limiting beliefs.” Great– we know those things are often present, but that’s a topic for a different day. There’s something else, a lot more simple, a lot more basic that is happening, that is going on today, that is keeping people – derailing people – from the success that they want.

You see, motivation is sustained by attention. Your attention continually maintained on something – the dream, the ambition – while believing that you’re going to have it, creates the expectation of achievement. But your attention or focus must be directed like a laser towards what you’re committed to achieving, in order to achieve it.

What you’ve got to understand is this: Your mind functions like the lens of a camera. You can’t see your dreams and your problems at the same time. We’ve got these couple of cameras (in this production set) here focused on me right now.  This one’s closer than that one, and when you zoom in on something, you block out more of the scenery. If I look over there at this camera, you’re seeing more of the background. You’re seeing more of what’s outside, the pool area, the backyard etc, and some parts of the room in here. When I look over there at that camera, you’re getting more of just me.

Your mind has this zoom feature, the same way that this camera does. The more that you zoom in on something, the clearer it becomes, the bigger it becomes, the brighter it becomes, the more detail that you can notice, the more distinctions that you can make, and so it takes on more vibrancy and more reality.

You need to realize something very important. You cannot focus on your dreams and your problems at the same time, because the more you zoom in on the problem, for example, the less you can see the dream. Your mind is set up to laser focus on what it’s going after. We are goal-seeking mechanisms. Our mind is a goal seeking mechanism. It wants to hone in, laser in on something, and then go after it. That’s the way that we are wired. That’s the way that we’re created.

So, you can’t see dreams and problems at the same time. Very important for us, because one of the problems that exists today in today’s world, is that distractions are greater than ever in history. The average person watches four hours a day of TV. When you add that up over a lifetime, that’s over 116,000 hours. That, ladies and gentlemen, is 13 years. I’m not talking about 13 years at 8 hours a day, I’m talking about that’s 13 years, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

If you took just the average income in this country, which, I believe is 50 some thousand dollars, that’s over $650,000 over the course of a lifetime in lost income. That’s 13 years and over $650,000, which if invested conservatively at say 3 or 4%, that’s almost $2 million.

Now, you know what is an interesting thing? Advertisers who are the ones behind television, know that people are in altered states, and susceptible to suggestion when watching TV. That’s what hypnosis is. Hypnosis is when your attention is so focused on something, that your critical factor goes to sleep, and opens up the door to the subconscious mind. Then, suggestions can be made, and your subconscious will act upon those suggestions.

That’s how we were programmed when we were little kids, because as little kids we lived in altered states of mind – alpha and theta brainwaves states most of the time. Topic for another day. But I just want you to understand, advertisers know this because they’ve done the research, they’ve spent, and invested millions of dollars doing the research on this stuff. So, you know what? They’re willing to invest millions on advertising on television, because they know that people are in altered states and susceptible to suggestion when watching TV, and at four hours average per day, think about it – they know…

They know attention equals money. They know getting your attention equals money in their pocket. They control your attention; they get your money. Some people say, “Carlos, you know what? I don’t really watch that much TV any more. I’m into business, and I’m into being on top of what’s going on in the world. The Internet is my thing, and I use social media and so forth”.


Well, guess what? That’s no different. We are slammed today. Our inboxes are slammed with emails; everybody vying for our attention. The people on the Internet – Internet marketers – they understand this concept too, and the big corporations are jumping in the game. “But Carlos, I do social media.” They’re no different! Facebook started out with a “Free” platform… but it isn’t free any more. Right now, your content’s being shown to about 16% of the people that are your friends, or your fans on your fan page. Your posts are only being shown to about 16% of your audience – unless you’re doing advertising.


They’ve gone from a free model to a for-profit model. They always eventually have to go there. The big financiers who put money into all these platforms were willing to wait a long time before cashing in, but eventually, they got to cash in. Nobody gives free money for anything.


Social media’s no different. Social media is media just like TV. The Internet is media. Google, YouTube – it’s media. They are competing with TV. Who’s going to win? I think the Internet’s going to win. That’s why big corporations are now getting into the game. But the difference is you and I – “the little guys”- we can get involved. We can create and share content, and those that are smart, are advertising too. We’re putting money into advertising.


Now, some of us want to help, and contribute, and help increase the consciousness of mankind. Other people, they just want to get their long arm into your short pocket. The point I want you to understand, is that distraction is multiplying exponentially today, and you have got to protect your attention, because your attention means money to you. Your attention means success to you. Your attention is what it’s all about.


If you direct your attention, then you direct your own future. You direct your own success. You direct your own wealth. If you give up that right, and let others direct your attention for you, then they direct your future. They direct your success. They direct your income. It’s up to you. Control your focus like a laser. When you do that, you will create success. You will create wealth. You will create freedom. You have got to direct your attention. You’ve got to protect your attention like it’s the most valuable asset. That is the power that works in us.


That’s really all that free will is. The only free will we have, is the ability to direct our own attention, and it’s getting harder and harder, because there’s a lot of shiny objects out there, and they’re dangling those shiny objects out in front of us. In the holidays, they’re advertising like crazy, the sales, you’re getting the coupons in the emails, and they’re all over the Internet, and social media, and everything else.


Everybody’s vying for your attention. I know for myself, I have to protect mine. I study Internet marketing, so I’ve got to follow a lot of these top Internet marketing guys, and it’s very easy. All of a sudden, I’m doing a little research, and I click on a link, and I’m checking this out. And boom, I click onto another link. I’m checking that out. Clicked on another link, I’m checking that out. Plus, I’m interested in health and fitness, so I’m following a few of those guys. I’m interested in wellness and anti-aging, so I’m following a few of those guys too. And before you know it, it’s easy to lose two, three, four hours just clicking on links, going from link, to link, to link, to page, to page, to page. All of a sudden, whoa, you woke up, and four hours have gone by.


Others are walking around in “app amnesia”. It doesn’t have to be the four hours of TV. I see people walking around looking at apps on their phones all the time, all the lost in apps, “app amnesia” is what I call it,  or “browser blackout”, or “browser burnout” – whatever you want to call it.


You’ve got to protect your attention. Directing your attention is what makes you powerful. Just remember, a light bulb diffuses light throughout the whole room. We’ve got these LED lights right now that are on me lighting me up here (in our production studio). If I look at them, they kind of blind me, but it’s diffusing a ton of light into the room. But I can go up, and put my finger on the light. I can touch the light, and it will not burn me because they’re cold. They’re diffusing all their energy and power.


A laser, however, you can focus it in on something and it will cut through metal. It’ll cut through steel, and that’s what you want. Laser focus your attention. Stay focused. Stay focused on what you’re grateful for. Stay focused on what you’re happy about, because that increases your vibration.


Your vibration in life is what attracts.  Remember, you’ve got this mental atmosphere. We’ll talk more about that in future sessions, but that is all about your vibration.  The law of attraction– it’s your vibration that attracts. Like vibrations attract like vibration. Everything vibrates at a certain frequency. The higher the frequency, the more positive it is. So, what you’re grateful for, what you’re happy about increases your vibration.


That gives you the ability to stay focused on your dreams, focused on your ambitions, focused on your ideal life.  What you focus on is what becomes real. What you focus on, like the lens of the camera, is what becomes bigger and brighter and more compelling and more “motive-actional”. You’ve got to stay focused on your dream. Direct your attentions to your dreams, ambitions, ideal-life. It makes it bigger and it makes it real. It becomes a bigger motive, getting you to take more action.


I hope you found today’s show helpful. I know if you put it to action, it will be really powerful!  Remember to share this with five friends. Let them in on the secrets that you’re learning.  Help them– friends, family, people that you love. Let them in on this information. Help transform their lives.


Join me on my mission to empower millions of people around the world, to know their true power and greatness, be free, and live their ideal life.  Our new mission is just starting now – one million millionaires by 2021. Join me in this mission, and let’s change the world. Until next week, God bless!


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