Taking 100% Responsibility


Feb 29

Are you taking 100% responsibility for your life? And what does the New Year have to do with your success?

Here we are, February is over. We’re 1/6th of the way through the year 2012. So, how much closer to your goals are you? Did you even bother to set goals for the New Year? Are the goals you set still relevant? …

Yes, I like what my friend, Alex Mandossian does. He breaks the mold by refusing to set goals and resolutions around the new year. Rather, – he opts to engage in the goal setting process on his birthday. He sets his goals for the next year during this time because he believes the process is more meaningful, the goals are more relevant and that the goals he sets genuinely represent parts of himself.

… But let’s not wait until your birthday.

What would you like to accomplish between NOW and your birthday? And if it’s super close or just around the corner, what would you like to accomplish between now and your birthday next year in 2013?

They say time stops for no one and it is truly up to us to take 100% responsibility for our lives. That includes the choices we make, the chances we take, and the change that we welcome.

The critical key is that you get clear on what your purpose and your passion include – and then design the life you desire to live on purpose.

To Your Success!



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Fernando González Torres March 28, 2013

Tu conocimiento, y sabiduría, producto de tu experiencia en crecer prácticamente desde “cero”, me llama la atención. Me interesa mucho toda la información que manejas. Mi objetivo, es crecer integralmente, para generar bien común. Tal vez no te diga mucho eso, pero así es mi propia naturaleza. Te agradezco mucho tu paciencia, inteligencia y bondad, al participar nos de lo mucho que sabes en relación a estos importantes temas.

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