What are your Priorities?


Apr 18

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Welcome to Your Unlimited Life. I’m Carlos Marin, author of the Ultimate Susccess Formula and founder of the Unlimited Success Academy.

In last week’s program you did a huge brainstorming session to figure out what you want in the rest of your life in the 4 key areas of life, Financial – Physical – Relationships & Emotional – I really hope you had fun and went for it big when you did it.  If you did, you should be inspired right now.

Having done this exercise many times myself, I know it can be intimidating when you write down big dreams and have no earthly idea about how you’re going to achieve them – but every big winner has done the exact same thing.  They don’t know how they’re going to achieve a big dream when they first conceive it – they just believe they will and then set out to figure out how they will.

That’s the reason in Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill said, whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

The lack of this big dream when I was starting out was exactly the reason I was stuck, kept procrastinating and lacked motivation. I only had goals that I could more or less quickly figure out how to attain which meant they didn’t stretch me that much and weren’t compelling enough to get me really excited, so I didn’t act.

You see, compelling goals have to be big enough that you don’t know exactly how you’ll get them and they force you to stretch and grow.  It is a little uncomfortable but going back to my previous example of wanting something so much you think you’re going to die if you don’t get it, although you’re in love with your dream, you also have a queasy feeling in your stomach cuz you don’t know if you’re going to get it or not, right?  Which makes you want it even more.

In the process of achieving these big dreams you expand and grow as a person and your life expands which is why you are in love with this dream in the first place – It moves you, it excites you – it pulls you into action to discover how to get it.

So what I want you to do when this program finishes is look at the brainstorming session you did yesterday and in each of the four areas pick your most compelling dreams that if you accomplished them in the next 12 to 24 months you’d be ecstatic and your life would be transformed.  Make sure that these are big enough that they really get you excited and you’d jump out of bed excited every morning to go accomplish them.  Again, don’t worry about how you’ll achieve them quite yet – I’ll teach you a process for that in one of our future shows.  Also, follow this program all the way through to get the full instruction on what and how to do this exercise and I’ll give you another PDF worksheet below which will also contain the full instructions so you won’t miss a thing.  I just want you to capture the spirit of the exercise directly from me without any interruption.

OK – Now that you’ve got these major dreams in each area, it’s time to figure out what your priorities are. So now is a great time to talk about balance in life as it is a grossly misunderstood topic.  Life is a whole thing and the 4 key areas we brainstormed dreams in form very important parts of it but in and of themselves are just a part of it.

What that means is that while they are all important, some require more attention than others at certain times depending on where we are at the time in order for our whole life to be balanced.

I do certain bodyweight exercises as part of my workout routines, which require me to do them in very slowly and use very strict form to recruit the maximum muscle fibers. One of the is a single leg dead lift and when I’m squatting down with one leg and my other leg is stretched behind me every muscle is twitching and my entire body is adjusting itself to keep balance and perform the exercise. The focus is on one leg but the entire body is cooperating in order to make the movement happen!

It’s the same way in our lives, all areas are intertwined but different areas need to take priority at times in order for our life to thrive.

I know all the areas are important but what are your main priorities in your life right now?  Which one stands out more, requires more attention or you’re simply more passionate about right now?

There’s not right or wrong answer and no judgment – only you know what it is for you and it needs to be the area you’re most passionate about or needs the most attention RIGHT NOW!

Maybe you’ve been letting your health slip over the past several years (or decades).  Maybe you’ve developed poor eating habits and done no exercise and you’ve put on an extra 20, 30 or 40 lbs or more which are affecting your health, energy levels, relationships and self-confidence and you’re sick of it, so this area of your life is your top priority.

Or maybe the economic situation or corporate layoffs have put your financial life in a tailspin or you feel like you’re headed down a dead-end street with your current job or business so you want to start a new business or career?

Maybe your relationship with your spouse or significant other needs more attention or even passion… or you want to be more involved in your kids lives, activities or upbringing.

What I want you to understand is these are all intertwined and however you want to look at it – your hot button, your main priority that you’re passionate about is the key to advancing in all the areas – but you have to get rid of the guilt.

Understand that improving your health & energy will help you feel better therefore you can achieve more, succeed more and increase your income. Losing weight and getting your ideal body will improve your relationship with your mate, your children because you’ll feel better about yourself and will give you more confidence dealing with other people.

Becoming financially free or even wealthy will allow you to give your loved ones what they deserve and have the time to enjoy a great lifestyle with them, travel the world enjoying the beauty God has created and allow you to contribute more to mankind.

It can even give you the time & resources to go on a Spiritual sabbatical for months in the mountains of Tibet or Rainforest in Ecuador.

So determine what your priorities in life are right now and the PDF worksheet I’ve supplied below will walk you through a specific process to do it.

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So invest a few minutes to gain this clarity today and I’ll see you again on next week’s show for a very powerful program that will help you take your life to another level.

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Until next week, live your unlimited life and God bless!


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