What does Being Conscious Really Mean and What Does it Have to do with Success?


Apr 09

Today you hear a lot of talk about raising your consciousness in order to be more successful or peaceful or happy or joyful, but what does that really mean? What is consciousness anyway? It actually means to be aware of something, to understand it and to know it.

When I first started learning about Universal Law I was unconscious. I had a victim mentality and didn’t realize I was attracting unwanted experiences. As you’ll remember from a previous article what most people don’t understand is that every thing is really two things. It is the thing you desire and the absence or lack of it. In life you get what you think about and believe is yours consistently, not what you want (which implies lack of it).  I was misusing the Law of Cause and Effect and suffering the consequences.

I came to understand that I could change my life but had to first change my thinking.  Willpower alone would not do it.

What is Reality?

Since we are talking about the creative power of thought, it would be good to know what we’re thinking about.  That brings us to the touchy issue of “reality.”

If I asked you what reality is, what would your answer be?  Some people would say, “It’s the world around me and everything in it.”  Still others might say, “It’s what is real; what I can see, hear and touch.”

The truth is, there are two types of reality.  The first, which encompasses the answers above, is actually Perceptual Reality.  It is what can be perceived through the senses.  It is also ideas or concepts that we have a sense of certainty about, which we call beliefs.  This reality is based on the interpretation of the person perceiving.

The second and the “real reality” is Absolute Reality.  This is Infinite Intelligence and the Principles that govern everything in existence. This is Universal Principle, the First Cause that produces every effect according to a precise, unwavering, infallible Law.

Perceptual Reality is nothing more than a limited view of our external world. It’s the meaning that we ourselves give to events, conditions and experiences. We create this reality by what we believe to be true, based on our conditioned beliefs and habitual ways of perceiving life.

It isn’t necessarily true or real; it’s just our perception.

People take thoughts they’ve had many times or experiences they’ve repeated and label them as truth or reality and the tremendous limitations they experience as a result are huge.

Thoughts Become Beliefs

We continually process ideas and concepts that have been presented to us and contemplate them in order to understand them, categorize them and give them meaning. This is called thinking. A persistent thought, over time, becomes a belief.

Once a thought is a belief, it goes into the automatic mode in our subconscious mind and we don’t have to think about it any more. From here on it will shape how we view things and create our life experience.

Remember, consciousness is all about attention: What you direct your attention to grows and what you take it away from withers and dies.

Here’s an example most people have experienced. Have you ever been in love and wound up with that person? It doesn’t matter whether you got married or just had a relationship for a while, the key is you were madly in love and got the girl or guy.

When you met that person and fell in love, I’ll bet you thought about them all the time, right?  You just couldn’t get them out of your mind. You contemplated being with that person, imagining all the things you’d enjoy doing together. You imagined it sparked by strong feeling so much that you produced the effect of being with that person. Right?

What’s Up Doc?

To become conscious of being conscious practice “catching yourself thinking.” As you go throughout your day STOP and ask yourself, “What am I thinking right now?” and simply become aware of it. As a matter of fact STOP and ask yourself that question right now…

What were you thinking?

Don’t tell me you were just reading. You were also having a conversation with yourself or arguing with me or thinking about something beneath the surface of your awareness. You may have been telling me I’m full of it with all this consciousness crap, or telling yourself this is way too hard to understand. Or… you might have been agreeing and thinking, wow, this is really cool stuff!

Since the subconscious mind will quiet down when you observe it, start watching it and become aware of what you’re thinking all the time, because that is what is producing the reality you are living today.

You will never achieve or have anything that you are not conscious of being (believe you are).  That is why it is so important that you direct your thoughts away from perceptual reality and whatever you have been taught that limits your progress.  Focus instead on this truth: you are the creator of your reality. 

The only real difference between a wealthy man and a poor man is the consciousness of wealth the rich one has and the consciousness of lack that the broke one has.  This is why in my seminars and audio/video programs I talk about developing a “Millionaire Mindset,” which is a state of mind that attracts wealth.

Your mindset can only be discovered by observation of your results without criticism or judgment, because your results reveal where you live (mentally).  Where you live mentally is what you demonstrate automatically in your material world. To have anything you desire you must have the consciousness of being or having the end result.

The bottom line is… Nothing has existence for you and me except for the consciousness we have of it.

Please leave me your comments and questions below and share this post with everyone you care about and join my empowerment community at http://facebook.com/carlosmarinlive so we can help millions get free in 2012! Until next time God bless and live your passion!

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Carlos April 9, 2012

Tremendo contundente y claro, sin desperdicio,
grande Tocayo y Námaste.

    Carlos April 9, 2012

    Carlos, que los sigas aprovechando! Namaste

bernardo rocha April 9, 2012

gracias carlos, grande ensenanza lo que oigo de ti, pero dime cual es la forma de activar la mente accionarla, ir mas alla de creer accion,

    Carlos April 10, 2012

    Bernardo, si entiendo bien tu pregunta… es realmente lo que significa la motivación, o sea un motivo tan grande que te impulsa a tomar acción. Las cosas que deseamos tanto que no creemos que podemos vivir sin ellos o las cosas que creemos que nos causan tanto dolor que no queremos vivir con ellos… esas cosas nos llevan a tomar acción siempre!

Marcela April 9, 2012

Carlos muchas gracias, llevo ya un tiempo buscando respuestas en mi interior y tus consejos practicos me dan una guia para poner accion. El tema que deseo trabajar con sentido de la urgencia es la abundancia, como me desprendo de mi realidad para enfocarme cada segundo en el punto en donde quiero estar? Gracias porque estas haciendo humanidad.

    Carlos April 10, 2012

    Marcela, tienes que tomar un tiempo cada día para imaginar tu abundancia o sea la realidad que deseas crear. Los antiguos decían que todas la cosas ya existen como potencial en consciencia cuando pensamos de ellas pero como realidades cuando pensamos desde la consciencia de que ya es nuestra. Este es un punto clave de la formula en mi libro y estaremos cubriendola en una de las lecciones aquí. Sigue conectada… Bendiciones

carlos April 9, 2012

Carlos, otro carlos aqui… en que sitio web tienen los modulos de “what is reality” donde abla sobre el tema mas afondo? recuerdo aver receivido uno por email… y quiero saver donde los puedo encontrar, aproposito, me ayudo a literalmente liberarme de muchas pensamientos que en esencia son falsos… fue un breakthrough en mi vida…


    Carlos April 11, 2012

    Carlos, creo que esta en el webinar sobre “Las Llaves del Exito” que le doy a todo el mundo cuando se inscriben en mi pagina. Si no es así dejame saber y le digo a mi asistente que te lo busque! Sigue con los “breakthroughs” que la coas se pone mejor y mejor! Exitos

Norberto Mejia April 10, 2012

Gracias Carlos!! Este tema de la conciencia es esencial,estoy construyendo mi nuevo sistema de creencias y me di cuenta que era una victima y que estaba en el ciclo del fracazo y he elegido a conciencia y a voluntad CAMBIARME y ubicarme en el ciclo del exito tenias razon… todos tenemos ya todo el equipo necesario para lograr dodo el exito que querramos lograr solo hay que aprender a utilizarlo, ahora creo que la vida es una emocionante aventura y es para mi un honor vivir esa aventura compartiendo tan de cerca con un lider y ser tan grandioso como tu Carlos Gracias y Dios te bendiga un abrazo Norberto.

    Carlos April 10, 2012

    Norberto, me alegro mucho que estas en este camino y estoy seguro que encontraras todo lo que buscas. Acuerdate siempre que eres potencial ilimitado y puedes lograra todo lo que deseas en tu vida! Un abrazo

Elfego y Frank Granados April 10, 2012

Hola Carlos! Esta serie de videos que haz estado haciendo están excelentes, nos han gustado mucho. Queremos aprovechar para preguntarte ¿para cuándo tienes programada una nueva sesión con el Club VIP? ya que estamos ansiosos de retomar tus enseñanzas.

    Carlos April 10, 2012

    Elfego y Frank, me encanta que les gustan tanto los videos. Estaremos haciendo una sesión del Club VIP este mes y les vamos a mandar la fecha exacta por email esta semana! Un abrazo

danilo April 10, 2012

no hay videos en castellano carlos gracias …. un abrazo para ambos …!!

Carlos April 10, 2012

Danilo, todos los artículos están en ambos idiomas. Para ver el sitio web en Español puedes hacer clic en la barra de menú que dice “Español” o simplemente entra al sitio por http://carlosmarin.com/es y encontraras que todos los vídeos están en Español. Un abrazo

Sergio April 11, 2012

Hola Carlos, como estas? La siguiente frase de este articulo me dejo sencillamente impactado…..

“Ya que la mente subconsciente se calla cuando la observas, empieza a observarla y vuélvete consciente de lo que estas pensando a todo momento”

En la mecanica cuantica el solo hecho de observar una particula afecta a dicha particula. Es exactamente lo mismo, lo cual significa que en efecto estas hablandonos de leyes universales, de la realidad absoluta.

Esta frase simplifica la titanica tarea de reorganizar la mente subconciente a algo muy sencillo….. observarla… Simplemente observarla para asi mantener un enfoque conciente de lo que deseo pensar para convertir ese pensamiento en automatico. Como la memoria muscular en las artes marciales o la ejecucion de un instrumento musical.

Que fantastica manera de explicar las cosas.

Gracias Carlos.

    Carlos April 11, 2012

    Sergio, me alegro mucho que te esta sirviendo tanto este material. Sigue aplicando y tu vida se transformara a el sueño que has tenido! Un abrazo


Carlos Marin.

Es fascinante lo que mencionas sobre los pensamientos en el subconsciente, y me gustaría un ejercicio practico para silenciar la mente y acondicionar el pensamiento.
Gracias por que te encontré nuevamente.

    Carlos April 12, 2012

    Humberto, es interesante que la mente subconsciente se calla cuando la empiezas a observar. Un buen ejercicio es sentarte en un lugar tranquilo solo y enfocar tu atención en tu respiración solamente. Cada vez que surja un pensamiento observado como una nube y sueltalo sin juzgarlo. Lo mas que practiques este ejercicio mas aprendes a silenciar la mente! Bendiciones

Alberto Portilla April 11, 2012

Carlos quiero que sepas que gracias a todos los casettes y conferencias y consejos directos que me diste en AMWAY ahora nunca me dejo caer y sigo luchando como tu lo desias por un sueño saludos desde Mexico !

    Carlos April 12, 2012

    Alberto, cuanto me alegro! Siempre me encanta oir de personas que a traves de mis enseñanzas han logrado éxito, amor, riquezas y felicidad! Que Dios te siga bendiciendo siempre.

Margarita Martinez April 15, 2012

Carlos porque al analizar un poco dentro de mi asi como tu dices ,senti mu


desmond j foynes March 17, 2013


Thank you Carlos.

God Bless you,my new found brother.

You will be hearing more from me. Soon.



des foynes.


Western Australia..

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