What is Absolute Power?


Mar 21

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Welcome to Your Unlimited Life. I’m Carlos Marin, author of The Ultimate Success Formula. We have a really interesting show for you today. In last week’s show, I asked you a very important question. “What is reality?” We discussed that there are in fact two types of reality, and the first one is the one we spoke about last week. Do you remember? It was called perceptual reality. Now, if you missed that show, please go back and see it on my website, http://carlosmarin.com, or on my YouTube channel, http://youtube.com/CarlosMarinTV. Go look at that one because it’s very important and it sets up the impacting points about this one.
 This second type of reality that we’re going to talk about today is very powerful because it’s the foundation of all creation. This second type of reality is called absolute reality. This is the real reality (pardon the pun.) You see, absolute reality really stands for universal law. It is God, infinite intelligence, infinite mind or whatever you choose to call it. But it is infinite intelligence and how the universe works. It is the reality of everything and how everything is manifested. It is the principle that governs the entire universe, and when you stop, think about it and realize it, perceptual reality is only a function or a portion of absolute reality because it is the way that we use our physical senses in the material world. It is the way that we perceive the material world with our senses. It’s kind of like our sensors that go off perceiving and verifying information that has been manifested. That is an effect of the true cause, and the true cause is absolute reality. If you understand absolute reality, you can direct your perceptions consciously to create your ideal life. When you think about it, the more you line up with universal laws, the more you co-create your own world by your own design. It is you creating on purpose.

Now if you stop and think about this, the oldest wisdom literature on record is called Hermetic Law. It predates Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Hermetic Law predates all of the oldest religions in the world. The first precept in Hermetic Law is that the “All” is mind. In other words the “All”, or we could say God or infinite intelligence, is mind, and the universe is mental. Therefore, God, or the “All”, really is infinite mind. I mean, we don’t want to get into a splitting hairs discussion here today but really, what is Spirit? All of the great religions say that God is Spirit. Well, what is Spirit? What separates Spirit from Mind? Spirit is kind of like the highest level of Mind. It is Infinite Mind, Infinite Universal Mind. It is a sense of knowingness. It’s a consciousness, actually. However, mind is what perceives consciousness.

So, just enough for your subconscious to get where I’m going (you don’t have to understand this consciously) it’s going to work for you anyway. Quantum physics and science today, is proving, saying and stating in many different ways that the universe is intelligent energy. It is intelligent energy that is present everywhere. At every moment in time and at every point in space, this intelligent energy is present. It cannot be created and it cannot be destroyed. It just simply is and is forever in motion, transforming and changing its shape and its manifestation. When you understand that and you begin thinking about it deep enough, how does this Infinite Mind create? Infinite Mind, or God, creates through contemplation, through selection, volition, or will. It contemplates what it desires to manifest, if we can even put it in human terms. It’s beyond description, but in human understanding it would be this. In essence it believes itself to be what it chooses to create and then it becomes it.

Now, you and I would call this process imagination. We would call this contemplation, this thinking about it so much that we feel we already are it or have it. We could also say that the law of life is the law of belief, and all of the wisdom literature states in some way, shape, or form, as you believe it is done unto you, according to your faith it is done unto you. Belief is actually what makes your perception your reality. If you’ve seen some of my other teachings you’d know I talk about mindset. What is mindset? Mindset is just really a series of beliefs. That is really what dictates what happens in your world.

Belief is what makes your perception reality, and so we could ask ourselves well, “what is a belief?” Belief is a consciousness of being something, or a consciousness of doing something, or a consciousness of having something, essentially. Really, you have to be before you can do and do before you can have. So, belief is really a consciousness of being something already. It’s a sense of certainty as to the validity or truth of an idea or concept. That’s what a belief is to us. (We have the sense of certainty that this is so, that this is the way it is, that this is the way things are, or this is the way thing are for us, or this is who we are, or this is how people are or the world is, or this is what it takes to become successful or this is what it takes to become wealthy.) It is all of these senses of certainties that we have about the validity or truth of various different ideas or concepts in our world. Now, if we relate this back to our concept here of absolute reality, a belief to us is what knowing is to God. When the infinite creates, it chooses to be something and then it wills itself to become that. In other words it knows that by its choosing and willing, the end result is coming out. That would be what we call a belief.

When we believe something to be true, we know that the end result is going to come about because this is what is true to us in our world. We believe it’s what is true in the universe but it’s really just true in our world, so it’s our truth. This is the problem in our way of doing things, we confuse perceptual reality, our little segment of reality, what we perceive to be true, what we believe to be true, we confuse that with absolute reality. Then we use the principles of absolute reality, such as belief, backwards. Instead of producing what we want, we produce what we don’t want. Instead of producing creation, we produce destruction, and that is a very bad thing.

This is why it’s so important for us to understand these principles, use them properly and constructively because when we have a limiting or negative belief, we limit the power within us to create. Worse yet, we create what we don’t want. We limit the power to create what we do want, and by that limiting or negative belief, we actually create in reverse. We destruct. We create what we don’t want. We create negative situations and conditions. We attract what we don’t want  (negative people and negative circumstances) into our lives. Those negative beliefs create the opposite of what we want. They create a world and a life of lack, mystery and unhappiness. That’s why the Scriptures say, “As a man or woman thinketh in his or her heart,” (and the word thinketh means believes), “so is he.” You must understand this.

Belief really is the key. It’s the key to creating what we want in our lives. It’s the key to undreamed of happiness, success, wealth, joy, great relationships, your ideal body and perfect wholeness. Understand this, we have unlimited potential within us. The positive, empowering beliefs unleash our power to create the life of our dreams. Remember, I’ve told you all along that you can be, do, and have anything that you desire if you’ll simply develop the mindset and consciousness, of the person who already is, has it, and does it.

We have the power to change our beliefs from negative to positive, from limiting to empowering, and to use the law wisely. We must choose beliefs that produce the results that we desire in life, and I will be teaching you those throughout the course of these programs and dealing with people’s problems, resolving them and showing you how to change these beliefs. If you want a course right now on how to change those beliefs, right now this second, remember I have this course called Mastering the Ultimate Success Formula.

You can get it at http://theultimatesuccessformulabook.com/mastery . You can get this course, Mastering the Ultimate Success Formula, which will teach you how to change your beliefs, how to unblock whatever is blocking you, and you can get started on that right now.

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Have a great week and until next time, live your unlimited life, and God bless.


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Sherry Turcios March 31, 2015

Hi Carlos, I just want you to know that I love your ways of teaching. I recent put you on my vision board one week ago as my vision to hire you as my coach . I woke this Morning to some good news that you are offering a chance to be coach by you and that you will be in Dallas on June. I am so happy and greatful . I am looking forward to this experience. Thank you. Sherry.

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