Why Failure is Really a Blessing in Disguise


Jul 19

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Hi welcome to Your Unlimited Life, I’m Carlos Marin, author of the USF. In our last video I started telling you my story so you could be encouraged and know that if I can become successful and wealthy you can do it too! I told you how I overcame tremendous loss, a victim mentality, failure thinking and habits to become a millionaire. I used a very basic formula that worked really well as long as I was focused on my goal and moving fast but when I slowed down to smell the roses and enjoy life a little many of the old demons started popping up again.

You see I had not fully gotten rid of my deeply buried fear of loss and feelings of unworthiness, I had just covered them with a powerful success focus. Not that there’s anything wrong with focusing on success and your dreams and goals, its just that until you face your fears and release them they will pop up and create problems in many different ways. It’s like there are 2 of you pulling in different directions  so…

After having made millions of dollars in business, I went through a period of time where I experienced tremendous financial losses from things seemingly beyond my control. I lost millions from foreign currency devaluations, dishonest business partners, bad investments and malicious attacks on my businesses. I lost my multi-million dollar house on the water and my wife, daughter and I were actually homeless for almost a month.

What I couldn’t understand back then was how I could create so much value for other people, teaching and helping so many of them to become financially free, and still lose my wealth.

In my family’s case, the one thing they didn’t focus on was the fact that if you created success once, you can do it again. Thank God my study of principles to that point had already led me to create a belief system that said: You might take my material goods but you can’t take what created my success, which is my mindset and faith in my unlimited source, which is God within me. My attitude was, ‘I’ll just recreate it, only this time it’ll be bigger than ever and built on an unshakeable foundation!’

In actuality, all of that loss was a blessing in disguise because it made me realize that although I knew many powerful principles, I was just coasting along in life and resting on my laurels. It was a wake up call that there was still something missing, still more I needed to learn in order to be able to create my life totally by my own design and fulfill my true purpose in life.

So I started searching for answers once again. I began to go much deeper into Universal Laws and started realizing that what we believe to be true is the truth we will live in life. That the controlling Principle in the Universe is Mind and the controlling Law is Belief. I came to realize that the Mind of God is in each of us and that is why we are unlimited potential and That is what is in each one of us pushing us forward to grow and expand and evolve to be more and do more and have more. We are children of the Infinite how could any of us not be good enough or deserve the best of the best? As individualizations of God we are here to continually expand our dominion of life and express ever-greater levels of life, love and beauty. And that means more success, more health, more wealth, more happiness, more beautiful things and places to experience, more joy and more emotional and spiritual well-being!

I also started studying quantum physics and began to understand that everything in the universe, including every one of us, is energy and that energy is coded with specific information which instructs the energy in what to do and what form to take. I started making the connection between these scientific facts and the spiritual principles that I had been studying and woke up to a whole new world because I REALIZED THEY WERE SAYING THE SAME THING.

I then studied energy psychology and learned how to release energy blocks, emotional scars and psychic wounds from my mind and body, which I will teach you later on in this series. I studied NLP and hypnosis and actually got certified so I could release more blocks and re-program my own mind on purpose and teach others how to do it too. I released my blocks and set myself free. I’ll show you how too!

Throughout this process I refined and tested the original four-step formula I had learned early in my career and expanded it into my own Ultimate Success Formula, an eight-step system for reaching your full potential and the most powerful formula ever developed for achieving anything you want in life. And I’m going to teach it to you on this program.

In my TV and Radio shows called “Your Unlimited Life” I will not only show you how to apply the Ultimate Success Formula, I’ll also teach you the supporting principles and a systematic application of their strategies that are as powerful as the formula itself.

I’ve learned these principles through diligent study, application and experience. They have transformed my life and they will transform yours too if you will apply them.

So you see, wherever you are, I’ve been there. I’ve been broke and became a millionaire and I’ve lost it all and become wealthy again. If I can transform my life (multiple times!) to enjoy success, wealth and happiness, then you can, too. I’m going to show you how to make the money, create that security that you seek, but also how to have a fun, happy and balanced life.


Start Where You Are 

As we begin this journey together I’d like you to understand that if you’re not where you want to be in your life right now, it’s totally okay. Very few of us were taught what I’ll be sharing with you in this show so I suggest that you be kind to yourself and open your mind to the possibilities you’ll be exposed to as you watch, listen or read.

In order to steer clear of judgment and condemnation of yourself and others, there are three basic premises that I’d like you to keep in mind:

  1. Everyone does the best they can at every moment in time according to their level of awareness.
  2. You can’t give what you don’t have.
  3. You don’t know what you don’t know.


Remember every one of us came into this world as pure unlimited potential. Then, the people who were entrusted with our care immediately began to protect and train us for what they believed was our own good. They taught us what they thought we needed to learn. In essence, they transferred their own beliefs, complete with all their worries, doubts, fears, failures and limitations, to us. They love us and do the best they can in each moment according to their level of awareness, but they can’t give us what they don’t have or teach us what they don’t know.

You have now begun the process of self-awareness and have chosen to follow your own dreams. Be patient with yourself and those that are closest to you. I promise, a whole new world is about to be revealed to you!

I feel totally honored that you have decided to share your time with me and are allowing me to mentor you in what I believe is the most important area of your life: taking control of your own mind and future.

So please share this program with your friends, business associates and family, everyone you care about. I’ve made it in 3 mediums to make it easy for anyone to access on their TV, computer, tablet or Smartphone in video, audio or written formats. Join my online community on Facebook/CarlosMarinLive where you can receive daily inspirational messages, also subscribe to my YouTube channel at CarlosMarinTV to see all videos of the show and my website CarlosMarin.com where you can see the videos and read the articles and iTunes at Your Unlimited Life so you’ll never miss an episode of the radio show. I’m very excited to share all this transformational content with you and look forward to helping you have your best year ever!

So until next week… God bless and Live Your Unlimited Life!



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Aura Guzman June 8, 2015

Great Video, articles we highly recommend it.
Everyone most see it and read.
Discover why you are at the point of your life where you are and think the way you think, but how important and powerful is having the right mind set.
Carlos Marin thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge to the world.
May God, and the Universe continue blessing your Life and your family..
With much appreciation,

Aura & Louis Guzman Family

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